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Lake Anna Open 


This event is a open membership and fundraiser  tx.  This event will follow the normal Legacy rules with exception you do not have to be a members however, members are certainly welcome and encourage to attend to spread the word for new teams .  Actually we would challenge each team member to bring at least one team to the event to share our mission and fun.

We will meet in the morning at Anna Point Marina located at he 208 Bridge in Spotsylvania , VA.  Registration table will be located under or close to the pavilion.  Will will register that morning and have a short scripture reading or testimony review rules and release the anglers to fish.

Weigh in will be back at the ramp with a sandwich or hot dog and drinks and a raffle  between 1:00 or 2:00 depending on day and weather. 

Remember existing teams please bring at least one new team to the Derby ! We will have the 2020 schedule out at that time also.

Please remember to use the paypal button below .  We will accept bonus bucks at the ramp that morning.  We can accept entry fees for the tournament being it is an open but prefer you to use the paypal button below.

Se ya there !

Thnaks for the opportunity to serve!



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Legacy Tournment

Lake Anna Open - 10/12/19