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First Andy and I would like to thank Lake Gaston Christian life center for hosting us in Friday night. The meeting was great and message was right in line with our mission as the Fishers of men.

The tournament morning started out with a slight fog delay, holding us up about an hour. Once blasted off we had a chilly start.

Weigh in started at 3pm, bringing in the winning bag was the Male/Female team from Virginia west of Tony and Penny McCraw with a weight of 12.58lbs to beat out the rest of the 36 competing teams.

2nd place went to the Virginia east team of Michael Heatwole and Mark Heatwole with a weight of 11.33lbs

3rd place went to Virginia West team of Tiney Rose and Ronald Rose with a weight of 11.05lbs

4th went to the Virginia West team of Jared Sowers and Kevin Allison with a weight of 10.59lbs

5th place went to the Virginia West Team of Steven Bishop and Richard Alley with a weight of 10.23lbs

6th place went to the Virginia West team of Bill and Josh Bailey with a weight of 8.88lbs.

7th place and Bug fish honors went to the Virginia East team of Carl Sadler and Aaron Sadler with a total weight of 8.75lbs anchored by a 4.02lb large mouth.

At the end of the day the East division won the over all points for the tournament as all of there countable 17 teams weighted a fish towards the points. They ended with 3277 points for there top 17 teams with a total weight of 100.825 lbs caught. Unfortunately Virginia West did not win the points toward the championship trophy however out of our 17 teams, 15 teams weighted fish for a total weight of 106.82lbs, and accumulated 2796 points.

The point spread shows that the division has to be consistent and every fish counts in a tournament like this. Had the other two teams for Virginia West only weighed 1 fish each we would have had a different outcome for the championship trophy.

Congrats to the East for pulling it out. I look forward to next year and seeing how things turn out.

I personally want to thank Andy Lavin for his help and his hard work to pull this off. He has been an awesome addition to the Fishers of Men Tournament Trail, and his heart and dedication to the ministry is unquestionably strong. God bless you Andy. Thanks to all of you for participating and I hope we all have a great off season, and I look forward to serving you again next year.

Thanks to our many national sponsors, with out them FOM would not be able to provide this ministry.

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East vs West 1st Annual State Championship - 10/19/19