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Please look back periodically at this site for changes as locations may change. The east and west is gonna battle it out in its 1st annual state championship. Andy Lavin and I are excited to provide this opportunity between our two divisions. The 1st annual championship will be by invitation only. The following will be allowed to compete. 1. The top 20 teams in points at the end of the 2019 season and the director from each division. 2. If any team from the top 20 do not want to participate then the next in points 21st through 30 will be contacted to see who can fill any spots available. 3. Only 42 boats will be competing in this first annual championship tournament. 4. Entry fees will be the same as the regular season events. $150 5. Bonus bucks will be $25.00 1st through 3rd will be awarded trophys and the winning division will get to keep for 1 year the championship trophy. This trophy will belong to the two divisions with a special plate area for an engraved gold plate telling which division won for the total point for eachs division. Remember please look here for information as this is a very brief description of what to expect.

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East vs West 1st Annual State Championship - 10/19/19