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2019 Berkley Team Series District 1 Championship

Divisions: GA Blue Ridge, GA North, GA South

• SITE: West Point

• HOST: Lagrange Troup Chamber of Commerce

• DATES: September 20-21, 2019

• OFFICIAL PRACTICE: September 17-19, 2019

• OFF LIMITS: September 10-16, 2019 and during the mandatory pre-tournament meeting.


• FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight September 14, 2019

• MANDATORY MEETING: September 19, 2019, 2019

• PERMITTED FISHING AREAS: All public waters accessible by boat from the tournament launch site.

• LAUNCH SITE: Highland Pines Marina

1000 Seminole Rd

Lagrange, GA 30240


• THURSDAY’S MEETING SITE:  Baptist Tabernacle – LaGrange

849 Davis Rd.

LaGrange GA 30241



• MEAL: 6:00 PM

• MEETING: Immediately following the meal. - All teams must attend the meeting

Flight assignments and times will be given at the meeting



Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.


Entries have been received from the following teams:

Div Name   Name Type Entry
GA S Steve Stewart &  Johnny Creel   Pd+BB
GA N Ben Franklin &  Hardy Franklin A/J Pd
GA N Ken Edwards &  Robin Szabo   Pd+BB
GA S Larry Gardner &  David Grace   Pd+BB
AL NE Ron Holler &  Elaine Holler Ml/Fml Pd
GA S Paul Cooper &  Michael Smith   Pd+BB
AL C Hubble Sowards &  Mark Ashley Watson   Pd
GA S Mike Robinson &  Claude Raptis   Pd+BB
AL C Bobby Sanders &  Troy Shirley   Pd+BB
GA N Glenn Day &  Jeff Palmer   Pd+BB
GA S Neil Stillwell &  Don Duke   Pd+BB
GA N Brian Callahan &  Oliver Isaacs Jr   Pd+BB
GA S Pat McCrackin &  Randy Watford   Pd+BB
AL C William Russell &  Norman Buce   Pd+BB
AL NW Don Cox &  Donny Davis   Pd+BB
AL C Steven Corvin &  Steven Corvin Jr A/J Pd+BB
GA N Ed Beasley &  David Overbay   Pd+BB
GA N Berry Parker &  Robert Buice   Pd+BB
GA S Buddy Whitley &  Greg Noles   Pd+BB
GA S Richard Wilson &  Debbie Wilson Ml/Fml Pd
GA S Greg Kropat &  Brian Willis   Pd+BB
AL C Darrin Gibson &  Charles Agerton   Pd+BB
GA N Stephen Austin &  Alec Austin   Pd+BB
GA S Charles Hutchinson &  Mitchell Hutchinson   Pd+BB
AL NE Roger Mason &  Garan Mason   Pd+BB
GA BR Dustin Ray &  Logan Smith   Pd+BB
GA S Randy Johnson &  Michael Smith Sr   Pd+BB
AL C Paul Vaccaro &  Steve Drinnon   Pd+BB
GA N William Anglin &  Mark Anglin   Pd+BB
AL C Neil Robinson &  Joshua Waters   Pd
GA S James Anderson &  Joe McChesney   Pd+BB
AL C Matthew Higgins &  Ed Reeves   Pd+BB
GA N Justin Baskins &  Drew Baskins   Pd+BB
GA BR Donald Dills &  Donald Dills   Pd+BB
GA N Robert Primavera &  David Primavera   Pd+BB
AL C Josh West &  John Wilson   Pd
FL C Donald Fisher &  Brian Nelson   Pd+BB
GA BR Robert Brannon &  Jason Clauss   Pd+BB
GA BR Terry Sullens & Raymond McIntyre   Pd+BB
GA S Zach Ranew &  Jacob Livingston   Pd+BB
GA S Ken Jones &  Jimmy Wood   Pd+BB
GA S Gene Flournoy &  Randy Harris   Pd
GA S Espy Odom &  Heath Odom   Pd+BB
GA N Joey Baskins &  Brian Smith   Pd+BB
GA S Matthew Peeler &  Andrew Wade   Pd+BB
GA S Chad Wise &  Kevin Watford   Pd+BB
GA BR Scott Burke &  Todd Burke   Pd+BB
GA BR Chanley Barrett &  Steve Williamson   Pd+BB
GA BR Brandon Dockery &  Kyle Gibson   Pd
AL C James Brumbeloe &  Andrew Kelley   Pd
GA S Tony OConnell &  Matt OConnell   Pd+BB
GA S John Adams &  Robert Stewart   Pd+BB
GA S Clayton Shoupe &  Johnathan Sullivan   Pd+BB
GA S Joe O Connell &  Sean Osowski   Pd+BB
GA S Charlie Williams &  Michael Smith Jr   Pd+BB
GA N Wally Taylor &  James Pope   Pd+BB
GA N Stan Barber &  Preston Barber   Pd
GA S Mark Succi &  Justin Smallwood   Pd+BB
GA S Scott Sanders &  Scott Oliver   Pd+BB
GA BR Danny Kirk &  Michael Kirk   Pd+BB
TN C Larry Harris &  Phillip Harris   Pd+BB
GA S Charles Boyd &  David Boyd   Pd+BB
GA BR David Millsaps &  Donna Tripplett Ml/Fml Pd+BB

District 1 Championship on West Point-Day 2 - 09/21/19
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