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It was a hot but beautiful breezy day. Everyone had their games faces on today. Fishing hard and making the most of every cast. But as competitive as our field is, one of our teams took time out of the day to pull back a stranded pontoon boat with a family of 6 aboard. It took 2 hours to tow them to the landing. Once the family was situated, the team was able to continue fishing for the remainder of the day. This was a true example of the Christian Faith and Fishers of Men is all about. Always being ready when you are called to help! This team could have easily kept going and not disrupted their day. The truth is all of our teams would have helped this family. That is truly amazing.


We managed to squeeze a little information from 2 teams. 1st Place team caught most of their fish on buzz baits, while the second place team caught most of their fish on jerk baits.


The overall winners with their two day total are:

Lavon White and Zachery White at 19.50 pounds

Lou Cobb and James Bell at 14.45 pounds

Tony Lister and James Richerson at 12.52 pounds

Mark Syck and Tommy Mills at 12.37 pounds

John Odom and Joe Turner at 11.70 pounds


Top Two for Cast for Cash:

Lavon White and Zachery White

Lou Cobb and James Bell


Big Fish:

Scotty Ramsey and Rodney Isbell at 3.51 pounds

Hotel Information:


 La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Mobile Satsuma / Saraland

6104 Highway 43

Satsuma, Alabama 36572


Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.

Entries have been received from the following teams:

Div Name   Name Type Entry
GA S Steve Stewart &  Johnny Creel   Pd+BB
AL C Heath Rolling &  Rick Jacobs   Pd+BB
AL NE Garry Burns &  Kevin Stephens   Pd+BB
AL S Richard Hardy &  Nathan White   Pd+BB
AL C Sam Fish &  Donald Fish Jr   Pd+BB
AL C Mark Syck &  Tommy Mills   Pd+BB
AL S Brian Moye &  Kimberly Moye Ml/Fml Pd+BB
AL NW Gary Livingston &  David Whitten   Pd+BB
AL S Michael Stewart &  Thomas Pugh   Pd+BB
VA E Charles Brown &  Jonathan Mason   Pd+BB
AL S John Odom &  Joe Turner   Pd+BB
AL NE  Robert/Bob McEarchern &  Richard McEarchern   Pd+BB
AL S Roger Caldwell &  Matt Caldwell   Pd+BB
AL S Tony Lister &  James Richerson   Pd+BB
AL S Lavon White &  Zachery White   Pd+BB
AL S Kevin Diamond &  Josh Diamond A/J Pd+BB
AL NE Scotty Ramsey &  Rodney Isbell   Pd+BB
AL C Christopher Weaver &  Kenneth Godwin   Pd
AL NW Chris Newell &  Roger Motes   Pd+BB
AL S Lou Cobb &  James Bell   Pd+BB
AL S Daniel Kelley &  Cody Roberson   Pd+BB
AL NW Matthew Nesmith &  Tara Nesmith Ml/Fml Pd+BB
AL S Anthony Boyett &  Brian Metcalf   Pd+BB
AL S James Taylor &  Clayton Stewart   Pd+BB
AL NE Kyle Colley &  Marty Colley   Pd+BB

District 2 Championship on the Tensaw Delta-Day 2 - 10/05/19
RESULTS: | View Multiday Day Results | Day 1 | Day 2 |

District 2 Champs Lavon & Zac White

2nd place Lou Cobb & Jim Bell

3rd Place Tony Lister & James Richerson

4th place & Day 1 big fish Mark Syck & Tommy Mills

5th place John Odom & Joe Turner

6th Place Danny Hardy & Nathan White

Day 2 Big Bass Scotty Ramsey & Rodney Isbell