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2019 Berkley Team Series District 3 Championship

Divisions: SC Lowcountry, SC Upstate

• SITE: Greenwood

• HOST: Greenwood Regional Tourism

• DATES: September 13-14, 2019

• OFFICIAL PRACTICE: September 10-12, 2019

• OFF LIMITS: September 3-9, 2019 and during the mandatory pre-tournament meeting.


• FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight September 7, 2019

• MANDATORY MEETING: September 12, 2019

• PERMITTED FISHING AREAS: All public waters accessible by boat from the tournament launch site.

• LAUNCH SITE: Lake Greenwood State Park

Address: 302 State Park Rd

Ninety Six, SC 29666



120 Main St

Greenwood SC 29646

(There is a large parking area behind the building and overflow parking at Hampton Place, at 127 Hampton Ave.)



• MEAL: 6:00 PM

• MEETING: Immediately following the meal. - All teams must attend the meeting

Flight assignments and times will be given at the meeting



Hotel Information:

Recommended lodging


Baymont Inn

109 Enterprise Court

Greenwood, SC 29649


$75/night (exterior entrances)


Comfort Inn and Suites

110 Birchtree Drive

Greenwood, SC 29649


$104/night or $119/night for suites


Fairfield Inn and Suites

527 Bypass 72 NW

Greenwood, SC 29649




Quality Inn

719 Bypass 25 NE

Greenwood, SC 29649


$79/night (exterior entrances)

Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.

Entries have been received from the following teams:

Div Name   Name Type Entry
SC U Kevin Allman &  David Hicks   Pd
SC L Sam Hopkins &  John Mathews   Pd+BB
SC U Keith Mock &  Ben Franklin   Pd
SC L Tim Chadwick &  Sandy Oliver   Pd
SC L Rusty Bair &  William Dixon   Pd+BB
SC U Randy Dickson &  Kevin Dickson   Pd+BB
SC U Joey Miller &  Jeff Woods   Pd+BB
SC L Robert Price &  Rob Price   Pd+BB
SC U Mark Hicks &  Zack Hicks   Pd+BB
SC U Randy Cody &  David Kuykendall   Pd+BB
SC L Michael Shelor       Pd+BB
SC U Wayne Davenport &  Russell Dobbins   Pd+BB
GA N Kevin Sanders &  Konnor Sanders A/J Pd+BB
SC L Skip Young & William Young Jr   Pd+BB
SC U Brian Tidwell &  Mike Tidwell   Pd+BB
SC U Ronny Gillespie &  Jay Driggers   Pd+BB
SC U John Greene &  Chris Lohr   Pd
SC U BJ Ballard &  Chastan Hanna   Pd+BB
SC L Maurice Sauls &  Robbie Amos   Pd+BB
SC U Jeffrey Babcock &  Bobby Jones   Pd+BB
SC L Tripp Fryar &  Reagan Fryar A/J - Ml/Fml Pd
SC L Doug Wooldridge &  Edward Coto   Pd
SC L Keith Britt &  Jerry Montjoy   Pd+BB
SC U Tommy Newton &  Ken Campbell   Pd+BB
SC L Brad Rutherford &  Tanner Parker   Pd+BB
SC U Chris Coleman &  Truett Hill   Pd+BB
SC U Jason Snyder &  Jason Skinner   Pd+BB
SC U Sammy Moody &  Hank O Shields   Pd+BB
SC U Chase Stewart &  Andrew Allen   Pd+BB
SC U Kevin Giles &  Parker Giles A/J Pd+BB
SC L Wayne Frierson &  Ronald Mueller   Pd+BB
SC U Keith Gray &  Shawn Gray   Pd
SC U Robby Hipps &  Wade Dodgens   Pd+BB
SC L Larry Turner       Pd
SC U Sam Storey &  Lisa Story Ml/Fml Pd
SC U John Wilson &  Blake Riddle   Pd+BB
SC L Errol Duckett &  Jimmy Leshock   Pd+BB
SC L Steve Wicker  &  Cameron Kaihara   Pd+BB
SC L Travis Parrish &  Rodney Tapp   Pd+BB
SC L Bernie Dreher &  CB Dreher   Pd+BB
SC L Lee Sawyer &  Cole Winn   Pd+BB
SC U Danny Ashley &  Rusti Davis   Pd+BB
SC U Jim Sanders &  James Hill   Pd+BB
SC U Brady Kimbrell &  Travis Owens   Pd+BB
SC U Drake Boyd &  John Boyd A/J Pd+BB
SC L George Berry &  Sean Anderson   Pd+BB
SC U Greg Smith &  Collin Smith   Pd+BB
SC U Brett Douglas &  Patrick Hobson   Pd+BB
SC U Brad Nappier &  Nathan Luke   Pd+BB
NC F Chad Sims &  Ryan Sommerville   Pd+BB
KY SC Roy Phillips &  Jeff Phillips   Pd+BB
SC U Michael Anders &  Jon Anders   Pd+BB
SC U Paul Ashley &  Tommy Ashley   Pd
SC U Jonathan Botts &  Wayne Botts   Pd
SC L Eddie Burgess &  Easton Burgess   Pd+BB
SC L Bryan Miller &  John  Byrd III   Pd+BB
SC U Gregg Williams &  Mark Williams   Pd
TN E Tim Leonard &  Tom Leonard   Pd+BB
SC U Keith Camack &  Jacob Koon   Pd+BB
SC L Bobby Gibbs &  Donald Pendarvis   Pd+BB
SC U Aiden Somerville &  Brian Somerville   Pd+BB

District 3 Championship on Greenwood-Day 2 - 09/14/19
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