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Day 2 of the District 10 Championship started off with a change in the wind from the north and light rain. Over night it had rained quite a bit but temperatures were in the middle 60’s at blast off. The launch was revered and all boats set out to either maintain there position or redeem themselves from Day 1. There was some position changes that happed but the one the didn’t change was the father and son team of Justen and Ty Fain from Ohio. They brought in another good limit weighing 20.72lbs to add to there Day 1 weight of 22.96 giving them a two day total of 43.68lbs and making them the 2019 District 10 Champions. Congratulations Justen and Ty! Second Place was the team of Scott Wasson and Doug Florkowski who brought in 21.60lbs on Day 2 to give them a total weight of 35.14lbs. Coming in Third Place was the team of Jason’s Roberts and Michael Ruhana with 19.99 lbs on Day 2 to give them a total weight of 33.80lbs. Fourth Place was the team of Vince Humenay and Dustin Dennis with a total weight of 32.08lbs. The biggest move on Day 2 from twelfth Place all the way to fifth was the team of Martin and Tyler Noffsinger who had 9.83lbs on Day 1 but had the biggest bag on Day 2 of 22.10lbs which included Day 2 Big Bass which was a giant smallmouth that weighed 7.09lbs making their total weight 31.93lbs. Congratulations to the teams who qualified for the National Championship and thanks to the all the who competed for attending the event. We would like to give a special shout-out to Samantha Scott from the Detroit Sports Commission for hosting the event and taking such good care of us while we were there. 

 Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCatBoats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Strike King Lure Company,  Power-Pole, Jim Hudson Toyota, Duckett Fishing, BassBoat Technologies, Amphibia Eyewear, Buckeye Lures, T&H Marine, Gator Guards, Frogg ToggsKistlerRods,  Jacobs Glass

Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.


Entries have been received from the following teams:

Div Name   Name Type Entry
OH Patrick Shipley  &  Benjamen Shipley    Pd+BB
OH Guy Hammaker &  Gary Hammaker   Pd+BB
OH Martin Noffsinger &  Tyler Noffsinger   Pd+BB
OH Jeff Kauble  &  Grover Horn   Pd+BB
IN N Jerad Schwedler &  Dustin Kelso   Pd+BB
KY W Scott Wasson &  Doug Florkowski   Pd+BB
IN N Jeff Dullaghan &  Dayonne Dullaghan Ml/Fml Pd+BB
OH John Duwel &  Gary Sindelir   Pd+BB
MD Thomas Harden &  William Brown   Pd+BB
IN S Tim Maupin &  Chris Burke   Pd+BB
OH Tayler Coy &  Jake Pequignot   Pd+BB
IN S Marshall Tucker &  Aaron Thomas   Pd+BB
OH James Brown &  Scott Casto   Pd+BB
PA C Vince Humenay &  Dustin Dennis   Pd+BB
OH Zac Mumford &  Levi Northrup   Pd+BB
IN S John Santos &  Matt McClannahan   Pd+BB
IN S Jason Roberts &  Michael Ruhane   Pd+BB
KY W Marlan Brown &  Debbie Brown Ml/Fml Pd+BB
OH Justen Fain &  Ty Fain A/J Pd+BB



District 10 Championship on St Clair-Day 2 - 09/28/19
RESULTS: | View Multiday Day Results | Day 1 | Day 2 |

2019 District Champions Justen and Ty Fain with a total 43.68

Justen and Ty Fain Day 2 20.72lbs

2nd Place Scott Wasson and Doug Florkowski with 35.14

3rd Place Jason Roberts and Michael Ruhana with 33.80lbs

4th Place Vince Humenay and Dustin Dennis with 32.08lbs

5th Place Martin and Ty Noffsinger with 31.93lbs.

Day 2 Big Bass Tyler Noffsinger with a smallmouth weighing 7.09lbs

Money winners