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2020  2nd annual Commowealth Cup

-We are teaming with VA west and having our annual East vs West shootout!  Russ and I are making small adjustments to this just for this season to give anglers more chances to fish, more info coming soon. The winning division keeps the cup for the year and 1st through 3rd place teams get plaques along with the winnings from the event, entry fees will remain the same as other team series events. More details on this exciting event to follow!


Qualifing for the East VS West Commonwealth Cup will be easier this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. To qualify, you must fish at least two tournaments in one or both divisions to qualify. We are opening the tournament up to all those that participated in at least two tournaments throughout the year in the east or west divisions of virginia.

If you fished at least two tournaments in one of the two divisions the division you fish the most tournaments in determines which division you will represent in the East VS West commonwealth cup.. (example, if you fish 3 tournaments and 2 were with the west division and 1 with the east division you will automatically be assigned to represent the west division. If you fish four tournaments and fish two on the east and two on the west you will be allowed to chose which division you want to represent.) We want this tournament to grow and be fun for all, but also want it to be one all of us can be proud of.

The scoring this year will be based on total weight in pounds of the top finishing 20 teams from both divisions. We will not use points this year.

The winning team from the previous year automatically get a birth into the common wealth cup if they participate in any our regular season tournaments through out the year.

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Commonwealth Cup - 10/10/20