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About the Series


The Spiderwire Weeknight Series is a new series within Fishers of Men. It's designed for anglers who like competition, but may not want to travel or may want to pay lower entry fees. The rules are a little shorter, weigh-ins are a little simpler, and events are likely to have a little more relaxed atmosphere.


Payout will be 100% of the paid entries at the rate of one place paid for every five teams entered.


The director and his/her partner will be competing, but do not have to pay an entry fee.


Entry fees will be $40 per team, including big bass.


Big bass will be paid at the rate of $5 per team and will cap out at $250.


There will be a pre-tournament meeting scheduled 20 minutes before blastoff at each meeting.


At the end of the season, the team with the highest poits total will earn a berth in one of the Fishers of Men Berkley Team Series District Championships.


Sample payouts:


15 boats
1st  - $350
2nd - $  90
3rd  - $  50


30 boats
1st  - $495
2nd - $225
3rd  - $115
4th  - $  70
5th  - $  60
6th  - $  50

Tournaments & Results


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