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About This Division

Virginia West Division covers the western portion of Virginia trying to minister to the folks of Virginia. We invite all those interested to fish with the Fishers of Men Tournament Trail. If you would like more information about our tournament trail please feel free to contact me at 434-841-1864. Or Email me at russnixon@fomntt.com

It is preferred you join the Fishers of Men from the home screen of the Fishers of Men web site. There is a join tab and you can fill out your personal information and choose the type memebership. Please don't forget to chose the division you are joining before hitting submitt.


To.enter the tournament you still can pay through paypal below or send a check to the director with an entry form for the tournament.


It is required you get your entry forms in 7 days prior to the tournament date. Anyone getting them in late will pay a $25 late fee.


There are gonna be a lot of changes this year to how I handle the entrys and if not received on time it will cause a lot of issues for a timely entry into the tournament.


This year is a 6 tournament season, the points for the top 5 tournaments for each team will be used to calculate the points for each team toward the points champions and also if someone only fishes 5 tournaments they are still in the running for the top 80 percent to make it to the divisional championship. This type of point calculator will allow someone to catch up in points if we only had a regular 5 tournament season. Also new this year anyone competing in a national event which falls on the same day as one of our events will get last place points in our tournament behind the last team that caught fish in the tournament and also collect the 50 points for attending the national events meeting. This is being done because our April 13th event which does fall on the weekend of the national championship and I dont want to discourage anyone from participating in that event. The 6th tournament on the schedule will also allow them the oppertunity to kick that missed tournament out toward there points.


This year in 2019 the east and west divisions will hold its first annual commonwealth cup tournament. This tournament will not be used for entry into any other tournament or allow entry into the national championship. The top 20 teams from both divisions and the directors will compete east vs west and the largest accumulative weight between the divisions will be crowned the champion for that year. We will award payouts just like the regular tournament payout schedule allows for 42 boats and 1st through 3rd will be awarded trophys. More details to follow for the location of tournament.

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Director Information

Russell Nixon
172 Jumping Creek Ln.
Rustburg, VA 24588
(434) 841-1864

Division Chaplain

Tony McCraw tmccraw@mccrawinsurance.com Cell 276-233-6786

Division Events

Kerr Lake  Occoneechee state park  February 23, 2019  Results  
Smith Mountain Lake  State park  March 16, 2019  Results  
Lake Anna  TBA  April 06, 2019  Results  
Lake Moomaw  Fortney Branch  May 18, 2019  Details  
Leesville Lake  Leesville Lake Marina  June 08, 2019  Details  
Philpott Lake  Twin Ridge Ramp  August 31, 2019  Details  
East vs West 1st Annual State Championship  Gaston  October 19, 2019  Details  

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