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Welcome to the The Pennsylvania Fisher's of Men Divison. I am truly blessed to serve as your Director and am looking to meeting and fishing with you this season.  I am excited about our 2019 schedule and we will be fishing some excellent fisheries across the state and you will see some eye-opening bags come in! 

Below are the modified guidelines for the 2020 Berkley Team Series Post Season Qualifications to Districts and National:

1.Qualifications for Regular Districts •Fish 2 tournaments in any Division and qualify for the District Championship of your home Division.
•Fish 3 tournaments in any Division and qualify for a single District Championship of your choosing.
•Fish 4 tournaments in any Division and qualify for as many districts as you'd like.
•Fish ALL tournaments of your home Division and qualify for as many districts as you'd like.

2.Qualifications for Wildcard District •Fish 2 tournaments in any Division and qualify for the District Championship

3.Qualifications for National •No changes to qualifications

You Must fill out an Entry Form and email to vhumenay@yahoo.com or mail to: Vince Humenay, 207 Coulter Lane, Morrisdale, PA  16858   The entry form can be found on the "Entry forms" tab at the top of the FOMNTT website.  All Checks should be made to Fishers of Men and sent to the address above.  All deadlines for pre-registration will be the Monday before the scheduled Tournaments. Deadline is important because we need to know how many are attending the Friday night meeting.

Memberships can be paid online by clicking on the "Join Online" link on the FOMNTT website.  Entree ffees are 150 bucks plus and optional 25 bucks for bonus bucks.  Entree Fees can be mailed to the above address or via paypal to vhumenay@fomntt.com.

 If a winning team has a total weight ending in 4.19 (14.19, 24.19, 34.19 etc) the team will win a new Basscat/Mercury boat and motor package.  If the winning weight ends in 4.19 at the National Championship, a new Toyota Tundra will also be awarded to tow your new BassCat home.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call my cell at 717-317-3697.

Tight lines and God Bless!

Vince Humenay

Director Information

Vince Humenay
207 Coulter Lane
Morrisdale, Pennsylvania 16858
(717) 317-3697

Division Chaplain

Division Events

Mosquito Creek Lake  State Park Ramp  May 30, 2020  Results  
Lake Erie  West Pier  June 20, 2020  Results  
Raystown Lake  Aitch Ramp  July 11, 2020  Results  
Chautauqua Lake  Long Point State Park  August 08, 2020  Results  
Cayuga Lake  TBD  August 22, 2020  Results  

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