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Maine - Team Series

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About This Division

Please note that due to COVID-19 this season will continue with No Friday night meetings.  We will monitor and update this as rules change.  Once we are closer to season opener we will have updated procedure pinned to the top of our Facebook page.  We will follow all state laws and guidance.

Welcome to the third year for the Maine Division of the Fishers of Men National Tournament Team Trail. We are excited to continue to grow this trail and excited that we have another great line up of tournaments this year!


5/1/21- Great Pond
7/24/21 Pleasant Pond/Cobbossee Stream
7/31/21 Damariscotta Lake
8/7/21 Androscoggin River
8/21/21 Maranacook Lake
8/28/21 Long Pond


We have 6 events this year that count towards the hunt for points championship.  You will get to drop your lowest finish from the total towards the Points Champions, meaning your top 5 events. 
Points Champions automatically qualifies you for the National championship. 



***Membership Info***   

There are 2 options available for Fishers of Men memberships. Both options entitle the member(s) to participate in any of the 4 FOM series; The Berkley Team Series, The Shakespeare Legacy Series, The Abu Garcia UBC Series and the Spiderwire Weeknighter Series.


An Individual annual membership cost $40 + a $2.50 processing fee

A Family annual membership cost $60 + $2.50 processing fee and is good for any family members residing in the same household

You can purchase your membership on the Fishers of Men website at the following link:



Team Event Registration Instructions

All teams must fill out a Berkley Team Event Entry form for EACH event that you sign up for.  Form available here:  https://www.fomntt.com/Berkely_Team_Series.pdf  The form must be submitted by Midnight Thursday  prior to that event.  This can be done by emailing the form to: MaineFishersofMen@gmail.com  Emailed forms can be signed at the Ramp day of the event.  If mailing the form, please make sure it is signed by both team members and mailed in enough time to be received at least by Thursday prior to that event. 

Mailing address:

Fishers of Men - Maine Division

P.O. Box 5252,

Augusta, ME 04332


The "Bonus Bucks" program is designed to increase tournament payout for those who wish to compete for a higher purse. This totally optional program features 100% payback of a $25 per team entry, in a 50%; 30%; 20% split, which will be paid to the three highest finishing teams who elect to enter the "Bonus Bucks" program. Bonus Bucks entries for the District Championship Tournaments and National Championships must be prepaid with the tournament entry. No bonus bucks entries will be accepted at the pretournament meeting for the District Championship Tournaments and National Championships. National Championship Bonus Bucks entry is $50.  In the registration drop down menu in the PayPal button below there is an option for Bonus Bucks & Event registration.

Instruction to Pay via PayPal

Entry Fees: Team Event $150.00 per team. Plus the PayPal fee for a total of $155.00

Team Event plus Bonus Bucks $175 per team.  Plus the PayPal fee for a total of $181.00

($5.00 for team entry, $6.00 for entry and *bonus bucks is added for the PayPal fee if using this option.

Team Entry Level


Instruction to Pay by Check or Money Order

If you choose to pay by check / money order, you must include completed entry form, signed by both partners.  Click here for team entry form https://www.fomntt.com/Berkely_Team_Series.pdf

Please mail both to: 

Fishers of Men - Maine Division

P.O. Box 5252,

Augusta, ME 04332

Entry Fees must be received NO LATER than Midnight, Thursday prior to the tournament.  We have a paypal option available above to pay for fees in advance.  This helps us out tremendously! 



Full Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail rules available here: https://www.fomntt.com/strenteamrules.cfm


If you would like to donate to help support this Fishers of Men Ministry you can do so through this link.


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4.19 Challenge

Our teams can win big with a weight ending in 4.19!  During any of our events, the highest finishing team having a net weight ending with any increment of 4.19  4.19 (14.19, 24.19, 34.19, etc.) in a Team Series event will win 2 Abu Garcia rods.  Each Team Series division is eligible for only 1 winning team per season.


Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Realtree Fishing, Power-Pole, T&H Marine, Amphibia Eyewear, Gator Guards, FroggToggs, and Jacobs Glass.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me anytime.


God Bless,

Jonathan Nichols



Director Information

Jonathan Nichols
309 Cemetery Street
Vassalboro, ME 4989
(602) 568-4609

Division Chaplain

Division Events

Maranacook Lake  Readfield Public Boat Launch  June 20, 2020  Results  
Pleasant Pond-Cobbossee Stream  TBD- will update  July 18, 2020  Results  
Long Pond  Long Pond Public Launch  July 25, 2020  Results  
Androscoggin River  Public Launch Center Bridge Road, Turner  August 01, 2020  Results  
Damariscotta Lake  Public Boat Launch, Jefferson  August 22, 2020  Results  
Great Pond  Public Boat Launch, Boat Way Lane  May 01, 2021  Results  
Pleasant Pond-Cobbossee Stream  TBD- will update  July 24, 2021  Results  
Damariscotta Lake  Public Boat Launch, Jefferson  July 31, 2021  Results  
Androscoggin River  Public Launch Center Bridge Road, Turner  August 07, 2021  Results  
Maranacook Lake  Readfield Public Boat Launch  August 21, 2021  Results  
Long Pond  Long Pond Public Launch  August 28, 2021  Results  

Division Standings

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