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Everyone should be getting ready for the 2019 season!! Looks like we will have a great year with lots of WATER! We have a few new and exciting things happening this year which we will go over at our first meeting. Also please anyone who uses social media try to promote our circuit. The more people we come into contact with the more chances we have to win someone to Christ. Remember this should be our main focus in our organization and then we will be blessed with a great fishing year. Thanks, God bless and we look forward to seeing you at our first meeting! Bridget & Winston Michel

Director Information

Bridget Michel
105 Templet St.
Pierre Part, LA 70339
(985) 519-6321

Division Chaplain

Division Events

Lake Verret  Bayside  February 09, 2019  Results  
Amelia  Amelia Landing  March 30, 2019  Results  
Lake Verret  Bayside Tackle  May 18, 2019  Details  
Bayou Signette  Bayou Signette State Park  June 22, 2019  Details  
Atch. Basin / L. Verrett  Doiron's Either Side  July 20, 2019  Details  

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