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Good day,
NC Central Fishers of Men.
I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.
It's time to begin to get ready for this years tournaments.
Our first one will be at Kerr Lake on March 13th. Once again this year we will not be able to have Friday night meetings until further notice.. So you will need to get your membership done before hand through our Fishers of Men website www.fomntt.com (click on to join online) like last year and get registered through website or you can mail them in. But if you are going to mail them ,you need to get them in before the tournament date. Allow a week for mail-in memberships because it will have to be all done before tournament date and the post office is way behind now.
We will have a devotion on the water before blast off.
We will be at Henderson Point shelter#2.
Most everything else will be like last year. Wear your mask when check-in and when weighing fish. We will have to follow all NC government guidelines for covid-19.
If you have any questions please let me know and we will get you an answer.
Tournament is sponsored by Money Concepts David and Kyle Hackney.
They are adding $500 to 1st place payout.
NC Central FOM will be adding $300 to 1st place and $200 to 2nd place. Also NC Fom will be giving a JB rod for 2nd place big fish.
Please remember my wife, Mary and I are here for you and your family if needed. We pray for you and are available to talk with you if you want.
We are praying and looking forward to a great year.
The week after our first tournament is the National championship for last year. Mary and I are planning on going probably that Tuesday through Saturday. So be praying for that.
Also, I've heard that most of the fishermen don't like the chip board. That being said if we can find someone that is willing to check in the boats we will try that, but only if we can find someone who is interested in doing it for the season. So be praying and if you know someone who might be interested ,have them contact me. I will be trying to get someone also.
I'm looking forward to see how God will work this year.
Be blessed,
Dale Morgan
FOM Central director
Don't forget our sponsors:
Bass Cat-Rock Outdoors Lexington NC
Berkley (no cast for cash this year)
Jacobs Glass
TH Marine
Power Pole


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Director Information

Dale Morgan
2594 Old Fairground Rd
Angier, NC 27501
(919) 625-2648

Division Chaplain

Ron Duffy

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