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Just a quick note from the director ,

We just got approved for Saturday. So please try to get registered before Saturday morning . No new memberships will be taken on Saturday morning.

WE are  required to wear mask and will not be allowed to weigh fish in without it.

Kerr Lake July 11th Henderson Point Shelter #2
Our 3rd and final regular season tournament sponsored by
Money Concepts David and Kyle Hackney
with a $500 donation for 1st place.
Also an additional $300 for 1st place by NC Central Division and $200 for 2nd place and $100 for 3rd place. Also I will be giving a JB Rod for 2nd place big fish. Also Fom NC Central division does what we call bulletin board cash which pays next 3 places past normal tournament money. Only catch is both members have to be at meeting for the next tournament. That is when money is given(cash),an incentive to be at next tournament. 1st place bulletin board cash is $150, 2nd $130, 3rd $120. (Kerr Lake bulletin board cash will be given day of tournament.)

The cost of following Jesus

Luke 14:29"if anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, and yes even his own life, he cannot be my disciple."

Come here about what it costs to follow Christ.

Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine local division sponsors;
We would like to thank all of our national sponsors as well;
Basscat Boats, Mercury, Berkeley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Power Pole, TH Marine, Bass boat Technologies, Amphibia Eyeware, Gator Guards, Frogg Toggs and Jacobs Glass.
Jacobs Glass is also one of our division sponsors.

Dale Morgan

Fishers of Men NC Central Division

Our next team tournament is at Kerr lake on July 11th at Henderson point shelter #2. Weigh-in will start at 1pm and every 20 minutes thereafter for each flight until all are weighed.  We will be having a devotion on the water as usual. I also talked with the superintendent of Kerr Lakes today and we are going to have to practice social distancing and also wear mask when we come to weigh fish and when we come to check in. There can not be any standing around in groups at the weigh-in. We have to practice social distancing in all we do per the Governor of N.C. rules.
 Below are the modified guidelines for the 2020 Berkley Team Series Post Season Qualifications to Districts and National:
  1. Qualifications for Regular Districts
    • Fish 2 tournaments in any Division and qualify for the District Championship of your home Division.
    • Fish 3 tournaments in any Division and qualify for a single District Championship of your choosing.
    • Fish 4 tournaments in any Division and qualify for as many districts as you'd like.
    • OR
    • Fish ALL tournaments of your home Division and qualify for as many districts as you'd like.
  2. Qualifications for Wildcard District
    • Fish 2 tournaments in any Division and qualify for the District Championship
  3. Qualifications for National
    • No changes to qualifications
  1. Team Series Points Champions - In order for you to go as  points champions to the 2021 National Championship you will have to fish in at least 3 events in your division.  If your division only has 2 events the points champions are still eligible to qualify through the districts as we have outlined in previous guidelines
  2. The Berkley Cast for Cash program has been canceled for the remainder of the year per Pure Fishing's decision.
  3. Pro-Fessions - Hopefully you have been tuning in to the weekly Pro-Fessions with professional anglers sharing their testimonies.  
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Director Information

Dale Morgan
2594 Old Fairground Rd
Angier, NC 27501
(919) 625-2648

Division Chaplain

Ron Duffy

Division Events

MAYO LAKE  TRIPLE SPRINGS  June 06, 2020  Results  
FALLS LAKE   UPPER BARTON CREEK  June 20, 2020  Results  
KERR LAKE  HENDERSON POINT SHELTER #2  July 11, 2020  Results  
2020 Berkley Team Series district four Championship  Jacksonville Landing  October 11, 2020  Details  

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FOM Fees
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