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Welcome To North Carolina Piedmont Division 


**** New for 2021****NC Piedmont will be conducting 6 Tournaments with the opportunity to drop your lowest finish. So if you have a conflict on one date or just bomb on one event you could still win the overall Points. We will not have a foothills division in 2021 so we will be fishing Hickory and Norman along with our four lakes Badin, Tillery, High Rock and TuckerTown.


Fishers of Men NC Piedmont TEAM Division is an Off-Limits with Friday Practice Division. This means that the tournament water to be fished goes Off-Limits at 12:01 a.m. on the Monday morning before the tournament, and remains Off-Limits until Safelight the Friday before the tournament. All competitors must be off of the water on Friday evening in time to attend the Friday night 

I will post on the details of each tournament by what time to have your boat in the water. You will not need to check in with me before you put your boat in the water. I will check live wells, running lights, kill switches and life jackets during blast off. We will have a short devotion and prayer before blast off. There will not be a meeting or meal at our events this season. All Anglers fishing will get the 50 bonus points for attending the meeting.


There will be a 5 fish per team limit. All culling must be done at the time the 6th fish is caught. You cannot have more than 5 fish in your live well at any time except for a dead fish that is not included in your limit.

The penalty for having more than a limit in your live well is 1 lb.

The size limit for our tournaments will be 14 inches.

The penalty for a short fish is 1 lb.

The penalty for a dead fish is 1/4 lb. (.25 lb.)


New guide lines for our tournaments:

1.  Everyone should maintain 6’ distance from others and avoid handshakes throughout the day.

2.  At weigh in we will have two tanks set up and spaced apart for social distancing of 6’.

Only two people per tank one at each end this will keep you 6’ apart. Only one team member to bring fish to tanks and scales.

3.  We will not be handing out the weigh slips. However we will have those for any issues. Weighs will be record on the board.

4.  We will have approximately 10 boats per flight. Please trailer out unless you came by water. We will not allow more than five teams at the weigh in tanks and scales at any time. 

5.  We will have  face protection at the scales if you need one and I encourage the person coming to the scales to wear one.

GUARANTEED PAYOUTS!!!    BIG FISH $500   1ST PLACE $3,000    2ND PLACE $1,000     


-  Out of the MONEY Drawing

  • Paid Entry Fee for Next Tournament 
    • Any team not winning any money at event is eligible for drawing
    • Drawing to be held at following meeting (except final event to be held following weigh in and will be paid in cash)
    • One team member must be PRESENT to win

-  Legends Bonus

  • $150 value
    • Any team with a member that is 70 years of age or older not winning any money at event is eligible for drawing
    • Drawing to be held at following meeting (except final event to be held following weigh in)
    • One team member must be PRESENT to win


-       Rock Outdoors Contingency Awards:

  • $1,000 bonus for winning team in a boat purchased from Rock Outdoors
  • $250 bonus for highest placing team in a boat purchased from Rock Outdoors
  • 10% discount at Rock Outdoors by showing valid FOM NC Division membership on retail merchandise, service dept & labor (excludes marine parts)
  • $100 gift card going towards the Legends Bonus
  • $50 gift card for highest finishing Youth (under 16)

* In order to be eligible for contingency awards, you must be wearing some sort of Rock Outdoors logo apparel or headwear (first tournament excluded)

You may also pay your membership on line by clicking on the link below.
individual memberships are $42.50
Family memberships are $62.50 


To Pay Memberships online click here

Fill out an entry form to register for any of our events.  You may pay via PayPal link on the NC Piedmont site or mail entry form and payment to;
Marty Nester
4206 East Pine St.
Mount Airy NC 27030



To Pay Entry Fees online fill out the info below and click add to cart

Tournament Fees
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Only teams who have at least one member in attendance at the  Pre-tournament meeting are eligible for the Guaranteed Purse.

Our Team Series is comprised of 2-person Teams who fish the entire Season as a Team together.(YOU MAY USE SUBS PLEASE SEE THE BERKLEY TEAM RULES ON OUR HOME WEB PAGE)  We also have a Adult/Jr. and Guy/Gal Category . Come and join us at one of our upcoming events.
You only have to fish 3 tournaments  to qualify for our divisional championship. If you fish any five tournaments you qualify to fish in any and all of the FOMNTT divisional Championships. 



Starting positions for teams will be determined by either a drawing or a random number asignment by a computer. 


*We would like to encourage competitors to watch Friday Night PRO-Fessions on the Fishers of Men Facebook page.





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ROCK Outdoors our NC Piedmont Division sponsor

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Fishers of Men would like to thank all of our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare,  Power-Pole,  BassBoat Technologies, Amphibia Eyewear, T&H Marine, Gator Guards, Frogg Toggs,  Jacobs Glass

Director Information

Marty Nester
4206 East Pine St.
Mount Airy, NC 27030
(336) 577-7451

Division Chaplain

If you are interested please notify the director.

Division Events

Tillery  Swift Island  February 01, 2020  Results  
Norman  Queens Landing McCrary Creek  February 15, 2020  Results  
Badin  Alcoa  May 30, 2020  Results  
High Rock  Hwy 8 Southmont  June 20, 2020  Results  
Tuckertown  Flat Creek  July 11, 2020  Results  
Norman  Queens Landing McCrary Creek  February 06, 2021  Results  
Tillery  Swift Island  March 06, 2021  Details  
Hickory  Big O's Wildlife access  March 27, 2021  Details  
High Rock  Hwy 8 Southmont  April 10, 2021  Details  
Tuckertown  Flat Creek  April 24, 2021  Details  
Badin  Alcoa NC 740  May 15, 2021  Details  

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