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Florida Central - Team

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About This Division

Taking Back America One Fishemen at a time!!!!!!!!!


To all members of the Fishers of men we have a challenge for you for the 2022 season to invite one group to a meeting to hear the word of God and potentially join the fishers of men orginization .

For every team that you bring we will give you 1 ticket to put in the pot for the chance to win your 2023 season entries (ONLY)a $750.00 dollar value ...........................................

So everyone get out there and choose your ONE ......its that easy  share the joy of the Lord and fellowship with fishing .

Therefore encourage one another

and build one another up

just as you are doing

 1Thessalonians 5:11.


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My name is Trina Prithcard I am the  director of the Florida Central Division my contact Info is 352-567-1521 and my address is 43653 county rd 54 east Kathleen Florida 33849 . my mail is stvprit@aol.com

Please reach out to me anytime .

Welcome to the 2022 Florida Central division!  Looking forward to some big bags coming to the scales and watching our division grow. 

*New for 2022 is the Ultimate Bass Challenge and the Weeknight Series-Details to follow

We will be selling raffle tickets for a 50/50 each dinner  throughout the season which will be used toward our end of the pay out.













Director Information

Trina Pritchard
43653 County Rd. 54 E
Kathleen, FL 33849
(813) 215-2016

Division Chaplain

Joe Moyer 10123 Kenlake DR Riverview, Florida 813-451-8574

Division Events

HARRIS CHAIN - EUSTIS  BUZZARD BEACH  January 11, 2020  Results  
TOHO  LAKEFRONT PARK  February 08, 2020  Results  
Harris Chain ***UPDATED EVENT DETAILS***  Singletary Park  May 09, 2020  Results  
Harris Chain  Buzzard Beach  June 06, 2020  Results  
Harris Chain  Hickory Point  June 13, 2020  Results  
Winter Haven Chain   William G Roe Ramp  January 23, 2021  Results  
Lake Harris  Hickory Point  February 20, 2021  Results  
Lake Toho  Big Toho Marina  March 27, 2021  Results  
Lake Kissimmee  Camp Mack  April 17, 2021  Results  
Lake Istapoga  Public Ramp Istapoga Park  May 15, 2021  Results  
Lake Pierce - Open  Lake Pierce ramp/ Jennings fish camp  December 11, 2021  Details  
Harris Chain  Hickory Point Ramp  January 08, 2022  Results  
Winterhaven Chain  William G Roe Ramp  February 12, 2022  Results  
St Johns River /Lake Monroe  Lake Monroe Boat Ramp  March 19, 2022  Results  
Lake Tohoe  South Port Ramp  April 09, 2022  Results  
Lake Toho  South Port Ramp  May 14, 2022  Results  

Division Standings

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Dont forget to find your one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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