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***OFF LIMITS  with PRACTICE division***

This tournament is sponsored by Bass Pro Shops Cary North Carolina

April 05,2019

Our second stop for NC Central FOM  was at our long time host, Lake Gaston Baptist Church. This is the 21st year that they have hosted our Friday night meeting at Lake Gaston. I believe this is the longest run of a sponsoring church in Fishers of Men. Nancy and her crew of helpers took good care of us as usual. They served us barque with all the sides and great cake with ice cream for dessert.  As a side note Jacob Powroznick fished with us in his early days as he began his road to the Elites.

Pastor Adam Hammond gave the message about Peter and his group of fishermen. This was a from the heart story about hearing Jesus and faith in what He was teaching them. Pastor Hammond told us the old Yogi Berra story of when you reach a fork in the road, take it. We must choose one the two forks. We best make sure we take the right one. We had 8 re-dedications to their walk with Jesus.

April 06, 2019

It seems like we can't get away from this rain and cool weather. It rained Friday afternoon and most of the night. We got to the ramp and it was in the low 50's and drizzle.Most fishermen reported water temps. were in 52-58 degrees range and the lake was really stained all the way to the Gaston dam. As usual a few always find some fish but overall Gaston did not show the big fish that it is capable of producing.

1) The team of Mark Cannon and Wes House topped the field with 17.49 lbs. They took home $3,280.00

2) Joey Davis and Larry Stevens had 15.12 lbs. with the big fish of 6.81 lbs. They won $1,446.50

3) Matt and Len Priode took 3rd with 13.91 lbs. and won $687.00 

4) Curtis Vaughn and Mike Sipple  was 4th with 12.89 lbs. and winnings of $522.00

5) Larry Bostic and Robert Mayton rounded out the top 5 with 12.11 lbs and won $282.00

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Mayo Lake on April 27,2019. It should be a bed fishning clinic.

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Lake Gaston - 04/06/19

1st pl Mark Cannon and Wes House

2nd Place Joey Davis and Larry Stevens

3rd Place Matt and Len Priode

4th Place Curtis Vaughn and Mike Sipple

Big fish winner Larry Stevens

5th Place Larry Bostic and Robert Mayton

6th Place jeremy Moody and Lucas Lobaugh