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***OFF LIMITS with PRACTICE division***

This tournament is sponsored by Money Concepts David and Kyle Hackney 3038 Manns Chapel Road Pittsboro,NC 27312

N.C. Central team division had our 3rd tournament at Mayo Lake. Mayo Lake is a beautiful lake located in Person County near the Virginia line. Great place for bass fishing.

Our Friday night meeting was hosted by Westwood Baptist Church in Roxboro, N.C. We were served their famous barbque chicken with sides and great desserts. Our speaker was long time friend and musician, Cabot Barbour. We were blessed by the two songs Cabot sang before going into his message. He reminded us how small and insignificant we are compared to this great universe.God knows everything about us, even to the number of hairs on our head. We must remember Jesus died to save us. He wants us to be with him forever. We had 6 re-dedications.

April 27   

Saturday morning was a beautiful spring day. Mayo had been on fire and as the weigh-in started it proved to still be true. We had 45 teams. 39 of them had a 5 fish limit. There was over 609 lbs of bass weighed in.

Topping the field was the team of Craig Hall and Bobby Carter with 23.55 lbs. and taking home $3,305.50.  2nd place was Ross Oliver and Brad Cook  with 19.55 lbs  winning $1,236.50.  3rd place was Travis Watson and Brian Benish  with 19.47 lbs and taking home $842.00.  4th place was Larry Bostic and Robert Mayton with 18.71 lbs and winnings of $377.00.  5th place was Lonnie Fox and Alan Revels with 17.90 lbs and the big fish of 6.79 lbs for total winnings of $507.00.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Jordan Lake.  Remember the meeting will be at Hendricks Chevrolet, GMC Southpoint.







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Mayo Lake - 04/27/19

1st place Craig Hall and N Talley sub for Bobby

2nd Place Ross Oliver and Brad Cook

3rd place Travis Watson and Brian Benish

4th place Larry Bostic and Robert Mayton

5th pl and Big fish Lonnie Fox and Alan Revels