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*** OFF LIMITS with PRACTICE division***

This tournament is sponsored by Interstate Batteries Neil Wagner 533 Dynamic Dr. Garner NC 27529

May 17, 2019

Well, we are here at Jordan Lake our 4th event for the 2019 season. The fishing has been amazing on Jordan this year. After the hurricanes last fall, Jordan has been well over flood stage 3 times. The lake has come down to normal very quickly this last time . When MLF was here in March it showed what Jordan could put out.

We gathered at our sponsor, Henderick Southpoint for our Friday night meeting and meal. We were served a combination of burgers, pizza and wings. No one left hungry!

One of our leadership team , Mr. John Snincak CFO of Fishers of Men gave the message. He focused on our relationships.Our relationship with the Lord has an impact on all relationships in our families and everyone else that we may be in contact with. We had 3 re-dedications and 1 person with questions. We want to thank Henrick Southpoint for hosting us. Our title sponsor, Interstate Batteries of NC gave our first place winners $250.00 certificate each for Interstate trolling motor batteries. Thank you.

Sat. May18, 2019

We had a beautiful day to fish, the only downside was it was pretty hot! We had 31 teams out of 42 catch 5 fish limits so the bite was on. The top 7 teams had over 20.00 lbs each. There were 4 bass that weighed over 7 lbs. The top 5 winners were:

1st Place  Travis Watson and Brian Benish  with 22.47 lbs

2nd Place  Curtis Vaughn and Mike Sipple  with 21.11 lbs. They also had the big fish of 7.38 lbs

3rd Place Bobby Carter and Craig Hall with 20.91 lbs.

4th Place  David and Allen Farman with 20.75 lbs.

5th Place  Mike Cox and Mike Carden with 20.58 lbs.

The points leaders after 4 tournaments are David and Allen Farman. Tony Fox and Wayne Sheppard have moved up to 2nd place in points. However, it will be hard to catch David and Allen Farman since they are ahead by 16 points.

See you all at Falls Lake on June 8th for our final event.



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Jordan Lake - 05/18/19

1st Place Travis Watson and Brian Benish

2nd Place & Big Fish Curtis Vaughn and Mike Sipple

3rd Place Bobby Carter and Craig Hall

4th Place David and Allen Farman

5th Place Mike Cox and Mike Carden

6th Place Horace Mason and Val Sorensen

7th Place Matthew Parker and Ronnie Pope

Maury and Reed Turner

Randy Strickland and Wes Mister