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Baptist Tabernacle
849 S Davis Road
LaGrange, GA 30241

Tournament Headquarters:
Higland Pines (Highland Marina)
1000 Seminole Drive
LaGrange, GA 

Roster Information:

The following teams have registered: 

1. Paul Cooper and Michael Smith 

2. Zach Ranew and Jacob Livingston 

3. Jimmy Wood and Ken Jones BB 

4. Chad Wise and Shane Wise BB

5. Steve Stewart and Johnny Creel BB 

6. Mike Delk and Ed Adams 

7. Larry Gardner and David Grace BB 

8. John Adams and Robert Stewart

9. John Cook and Bill Boyette

10. Don Duke and Neil Stillwell BB

11. Rob Gray and Willie Jackson

12. Joel Hughes and Dean Robinson BB

13. Danny Hutchinson and Mickey hutchinson

14. Butch Jones and Shep Sawyer

15. Greg Kropat and Brian Willis

16. Joe O'Conell and Sean Osowski

17. Lloyd Roberts and Julie Roberts

18. Tom Sink and Donna Robins

19. Greg Noles and Houston graddy BB

20. Todd Schell and Greg Hallford

21. Jeff Buttram and Derrick Rice BB

22. Ben and Hardy Franklin

23. Randy Johnson and Mike Smith

24. Darryl Adams and sub

25. Heath and Espy Odom BB

26. Jim Pass and Jim Buntin

27. Mark Succi and Justin Smallwood

28. James Anderson and Joe McChesney 

29. Gene Flournoy and Randy Harris

30. Jeff Mills and James Mills BB

31. Tony O'Connell and Matt O'Connell

32. Matthew Peeler and Andrew Wade

33. Lew Richardson and Clint Joyner

34. Mike Robinson and Claude Raptis

35. Johnathan Sullivan and Clayton Shoupe BB

36. Jamie Thomas and Ted Hamilton BB

37. Donnie Waters and Shawn Clark BB




West Point Lake - 04/06/19