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The Ice Breaker open is one of the oldest fishing tournaments in the state. We try to be the first tournament of the year on Indian Lake and sometimes the weather is not the best but the fish are usually willing to bite.


This tournament is in memory of Doug Hanes, a friend and a great fisherman.  Doug fished both the Team and Legacy Series of Fishers of Men. He enjoyed fishing with his boys and his friends and rarely missed an event.  The proceeds from this event will be used to support Fishers of Men events.


Entries by mail must be sent in time to reach the director by Thursday prior to the event. Boat positions will be assigned based on the date of the post mark

            Entry Fee: $80 Including Big Bass  

Entries will also be accepted at the launch site on Friday evening prior to the tournament between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. and on tournament day beginning at 5:30 a.m. Boat positions will be assigned as entries are received.   


Launch will begin at 7:30 and first flight will return at 3:00. To prevent congestion at the ramp please try to arrive early and have your boat in the water after the boat check. If the weather cooperates we may have a 100 plus boat field as we have had in the past.


When available brochures will be emailed to teams that have fished with us in the past. If you do not get one call me at 419-204-9031. Brochures can also be found at Indian Lake Pro Bass Shop, St Marys Freedom Outdoors, and other locations.  

Roster Information:


Doug Hanes Memorial Ice Breaker Open - 04/06/19