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Clark Hill/ Lake Strom Thurmond

April 27, 2019


60 teams competed for $4,000 1st Place Purse


A special THANK YOU to Faith Community Church and the LIVELY Family for hosting us on Friday night.  This was a new host site for our division, and let me tell you...  THEY KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!

We had a spread of barbeque chicken, potato salad, beans, and some GREAT cakes for desert.  I'm not alone when I say that the meal was OUTSTANDING!  (all those that came back for 2nds and THIRDS would also agree)

Pastor John shared some uncommon stories with us, which hilighted the need for us (especially MEN) to be fully aware of our responsibility to our Family's LEGACY.  The challenge was simple:  "That we leave this world BETTER than we found it."  We can break the chains of those things passed down from generation to generation.  Are YOU ready to let JESUS help YOU do that for YOUR family?



Saturday morning was a little chilly, but it was a nice break from all the wind we've experienced over the past couple of weeks.  Our field of 60 boats set out in search of some of those big Clark Hill chunks that this lake is known for this time of year.

She didn't let us down either, as 266 fish crossed our scales with a total weight of 676 pounds!!  I also want to brag on our anglers.  From our 4 events, we have only had 5 dead fish of the 990 fish that have been weighed in.  THANK YOU GUYS for keeping our sport ALIVE!!

We payed out 12 places and it took a 16 pound sack to make that cut.  CONGRATS to all those that made the top 12.  


1st Place Payout  $4,000  


CONGRATS to BJ BALLARD & CHASTAN HANA:  21.18 lb sack of toads.



Standings are posted.

Pictures coming soon.


Berkley CAST for CASH

Be one of only 3,000 participants by getting in early.

FOM team series divisional events will be paying $250 & $150 to top two cast for cash teams

1st-  Johnathon & Wayne Botts

2nd-  Sammy Moody and Hank OShields

Roster Information:

PAID TEAMS:  56  as of 11:00 pm April 23, 2019


Aiden Somerville & Brian Somerville
BJ Ballard & Chastan Hanna
Brad Nappier & Nathan Luke
Brady Kimbrell & Travis Owens
Brendan Vaughn & Bennie Page
Brett Douglas & Patrick Hobson
Brian Tidwell & Michael Tidwell
Cain Waller & Heath Oglesby
Chase Stewart & Andrew Allen
Chris Coleman & Truett Hill
Chris Rhodes & Reggie Luper
Christopher Chavis & Barry Thames
Danny Ashley & Rustie Davis
David Barnes & John Baird
David Vaughn & William Borum
Drake Boyd & John Boyd
Easton Callaway & Branson Harris
Eddie Landreth & Tony Holliday
George Ciminale & Mark Waller
Greg Smith & Collin Smith
Greg Williams & Mark Williams
James Phillips & Ralph Hunter
Jason Snyder & Jason Skinner
Jim Sanders & Bo Hill
Jimmy Turner & Mark Weaver
Joey Miller & Jeffery Woods
John Greene & Chris Lohr
John Wilson & Blake Riddle
Johnathan Webb & Steven Web
Jonathan Botts & Wayne Botts
Keith Camak & Jacob Koon
Keith Mock & Ben Franklin
Kevin Allman & David Hicks
Kevin Brady & Zachary Brady
Kevin Fulmer & Lamar Williamson
Kevin Giles & Parker Giles
Kyle Ricker & Erik Martin
Leroy New & James McDade
Lyle Burns & Mark Burns
Michael Anders & Jon Anders
Michael Brewer & Zack Brewer
Paul Ashley & Tommy Ashley
Paul Sabree & Bradford Gambrell
Randy Cody & David Kuykendall
Randy Dickson & Kevin Dickson
Rick Freeze & Dennis White
Robby Hipps & Wade Dodgens
Ronny Gillespie & Jay Driggers
Sam Storey & Lisa Story
Sammy Moody & Hank O Shields
Scott Allgood & Calen Allgood
Tom Cloer & Zack Adcox
Tommy Newton & Ken Campbell
Vince Smith & Bo Price
Wayne Davenport & Russell Dobbins
Wesley Underwood & Justin Underwood





CLARK HILL - 04/27/19

1st- BJ Ballard & Chastan Hanna: 21.18 lbs

2nd- Tommy Newton & Ken Campbell: 19.51 lbs

3rd- Johnathan & Wayne Botts: 19.17 lbs

4th- Sammy Moody & Hank O Shields: 18.12 lbs

5th- Russell Clark & Chris Myers: 18.09 lbs