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Ramp: John C Land we will be there starting at 5:30 am

***Entry Fees must be received by Saturday night Mar 16th at Midnight to avoid the $25 late fee and be included in the random draw for Blast-off position***.

We will be under the Big shelter at the weigh-in area Saturday AM at 5:30. All teams will need to send at least 1 member there to pick up your Blast-off number or register for the Tournament. Please leave room on the event dock for teams to drop off a partner to come up and pick up their blast-off card.

Please stage back in the creek past the event dock as we will do an idle by the dock to check livewells during blast-off. 

We will be dispersing 30 guns Raffle tickets at weigh-in for our 2019 Raffle. Be sure to stop by and pick up 60 tickets for your team. Teams selling 60 tickets will be eligible for our Huge Points Rewards Payouts in 2020. This years Points Pot will pay over $13,000 to the top 10 teams who sold 60 tickets in 2018. The more we sell the higher the Tournament and Points payout will be in 2020.

Tournament Fees
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Tournament Location

Roster Information:

Errol Duckett & Jimmy Leshock BB

Barry Odom & Marshall French

Lex Costas & Xan Costas BB

Rusty Bair & William Dixon

John Willocks & Dave Murdaugh

Robert Price & Rob Price

Kevin Richbourg & Mike Williams BB

Steve Pizzino & Dave Murdock

Jeff Smith & Anthony Smith BB

Justin Marlowe & Jordan Marlowe

Chuck Howard & Ken Ellis

Sam Hopkins & John Matthews BB

Jason Fulmer & Donnie Harper

Cody Conner & Brandon Crenshaw BB

Thad Driggers & Steve Walker

Larry Turner

Bryan Miller & John Byrd III

Lonnie Jones & Robert Clark BB

Joe Avin & Larry Avins

Chris Marshall & Scott Willis

Jason Miles & Andy Rutledge

Mike Watson & Craig McFadden BB

Ronnie Mueller & Wayne Frierson BB

Deron Donohoo & Davey Thomas BB

Johnathan Brindle & David Grooms BB

Chris Rose & Ory Grubbs

Mark Hutson & Gary Elsey

Bernie Dreher & CB Dreher

Skip Young & William Young BB

Freddie Gibbs & Clarke Gibbs

Doug Wooldridge & Eddie Coto

Josh McGregor & Randall Driggers

Dane Odom & Don Smith

Trey Phillips & Cary Robinson BB

Joseph Blanding & Freddie Gamble

Bryan Cook &            BB

Phillip Hawkins & Bill Foxworth BB

Jess Williams & Ryan Steele BB

Micky Sauls & Robbie Amos



Santee Cooper - 03/23/19