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Meeting - Friday evening : First Baptist Church of Collinsville. 3339 Virgnia Avenue, Collinsville, VA 24078

Size Limit - 5 - 12"

Boat Ramp - Twin Ridge Marina, 1052 Twin Ridge Marina Road, Henry VA 24102


Boat check will start at 5:30 am blast off will begin at safe light or 7am.

Weigh in is at 3:00pm


Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting the Fishers of men national tournament trail and also our Virginia West Division:

WW Novelty, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Pure Fishing, Strike King, Power pole, Solar Bat, Bass Cat Bass Boats, Mercury Marine, Kistler Rods, Buckeye Lures, Keelshield, Jacobs Glass Company, Hydrowave, Rejuvinate, Pflueger, New Tech Global, Nester Hoisery, Kings Homes, T.H. Marine, Duckett Rods, Rayjus Apparel, Lowrance Electronics, Marshals Marine, McCraw Insurance, Rio Rods.

Roster Information:


Philpott Lake - 08/31/19