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There will be no Friday Night Pre-Tournament meeting for this event. We will have a free meal and message immediatley following the event. At least one team member must be present until the end of the message to get the 50 points for the meeting.

Please have all entries post marked at least one week prior to the event in order to avoid a $25 Late Fee. If you sign up after the deadline or at the ramp you will be charged a $25 late fee.

Membership: $40 Per preson (+2.50 Prcessing)

Entry Fee:$150 Per Team

Bonus Bucks: (Optional) $25 Side Pot 100% Payback 50,30,20 split to the top three temas in BB.

Livewell Check (Lindsay Bridge Ramp):  4:30 - 5:00 AM

Launch: Safe Light

Weigh In: 3:00 PM


Roster Information:

Rasmussen / Rasmussen

Neher / Nelson

Busch / Busch

Dietel / Malone

McCune / McCune


Lake Springfield - 06/08/19