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Boundaries for this tournment will be as follows:

If you fish the East Side (Verret Side) you CANNOT fish South of Hwy 90.

If you fish the West Side (Atchafalaya Basin Side) you CANNOT fish East of the Bayou Schaffer out to the Atchafalaya River and East of the Atchafalya River out to the Gulf of Mexico.

There are no Western or Northern boundaries for this tournament.

The meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall in Pierre Part. This is where the first 2 meetings were held. 

Address:  3336 Hwy 70 S, Pierre Part, LA

Remember you must be off the water by 5 pm the Friday of the meeting to attend, NO Exceptions!!

Registration starts at 5:15 pm.

Meal is at 6 pm.

Inspirational message at 6:30 pm.

5 fish limit. 12 inch minimum.

Roster Information:


Atch. Basin / L. Verrett - 07/20/19