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Pre-Tournament Details & Dinner Meeting Info


MAY 4th, 2019


Payment Due Date:

If paying by check/money order, made out to Fishers of Men - Maine Division and please mail completed entry form, signed personally by both partners, with entry fee of $150.00 to MAINE FOMNTT DIVISION, P.O Box 5252, Augusta, ME 04332, by NO LATER THAN 5:00pm, Thursday, April 25th, 2019.

If paying by PayPal (which allows all major credit cards), entry fee of $155.00 ($5.00 covers PayPal processing fee) MUST be paid by NO LATER THAN 5:00pm, Tuesday, April 30th, 2019. 

Any entries after this time up, and up to Friday night, May 3rd, 2019 by no later than 6:30pm MUST be in the form of $175.00 CASH (No Check / Credit Card), which includes a $25.00 late fee. 

The 100% “Bonus Big Bucks” optional payout fee of $25.00 per team can be done anytime up until the end of the pre-tournament meeting, Friday night without penalty of a late fee. This 100% payout will ONLY go to the top 3 finishing teams who participated in the pool at 50% to 1st Place, 30% to 2nd Place & 20% to 3rd Place. In order to be eligible for the GUARANTEED PAYOUT, a team MUST be a participant in the Bonus Bucks pool.

NO TOURNAMENT ENTRIES will be Accepted the MORNING of the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS


Off Limits:

For 2019, there are NO OFF LIMITS for the tournament waters EXCEPT for the period from 4:00pm, Friday, May 3rd, 2019 thru 4:00am, Saturday, May 4th, 2019 so that everyone can make the pre-tournament dinner meeting. Locations available for fishing but INCLUDED in the off-limits time period for both partners for this event, for ANY species, would be all of GREAT POND, including ANY creeks, rivers, or connecting waters. In addition, no information can be solicited from anyone who has been on these waters during the off-limits time frame, in any form, oral, written or internet based.


Pre-Tournament Dinner Meeting:

Doors open for registration at 5:00pm with your free dinner starting at 6:00pm. Family and Guests are welcome but need to be registered ahead of time to insure food for all. Any team, with at least one-member present, will be awarded 50 BONUS POINTS, which help in earning qualification for your end of year District/Regional Championship as well as for earning the 2019 MAINE FOM DIVISION TEAM of the YEAR Points Championship Cash Award. For a team to receive the 50 bonus points, at least one member of the team MUST be signed in at the pre-tournament dinner meeting by NO LATER THAN 6:30pm, NO EXCEPTIONS. Blast-Off numbers for the following mornings launch will be done at the conclusion of the Friday night meeting. If at least one member of the team is NOT present for the launch position drawing, your team will be assigned a blast-off number at the back of the line, and you will NOT receive the 50 points for attending the meeting.


Meeting Location:


Tournament Launch and Weigh-In Location:

Great Pond Ramp

70 Sahagian Road

Belgrade, Maine 04917

MANDATORY Livewell / Boat Check-In 6:30am  -  Launch Time: 7:30am - Weigh-In: 3:30pm

5 bass per team at 12 inches or better. Cash Award for Largest Smallmouth AND Largemouth

*To Honor 1st Place Guaranteed Payout, number of Paid Entries for this divisional tournament MUST exceed 25 teams, and the team MUST have been participants in the Bonus Bucks pool, and the team MUST have fished with their declared partner only, and BOTH members of the team MUST have been present at pre-tournament dinner meeting.


Roster Information:


Great Pond - 05/04/19