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2019 Berkley Team Series District 5 Championship

Divisions: Maine, MD, NY North, NY South, PA Central, VA East, VA West

• SITE: Philpott

• HOST: Franklin County Office of Economic Development

• DATES: September 20-21, 2019

• OFFICIAL PRACTICE: September 17-19, 2019

• OFF LIMITS: September 10-16, 2019 and during the mandatory pre-tournament meeting.


• FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight September 14, 2019

• MANDATORY MEETING: September 19, 2019

• PERMITTED FISHING AREAS: All public waters accessible by boat from the tournament launch site.

• LAUNCH SITE: Twin Ridge Recreation Area


• THURSDAY’S MEETING SITE:  First Baptist Church

3339 Virginia Ave

Collinsville, VA 24078



• MEAL: 6:00 PM

• MEETING: Immediately following the meal. - All teams must attend the meeting

Flight assignments and times will be given at the meeting



Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.


Entries have been received from the following teams:

Div Name   Name Type Entry
MD Roland Bosley Jr &  Mickey McCleary   Pd+BB
MD Thomas Waters &  Michael Malamphy   Pd+BB
NC F Marty Nester &  Doug Carter   Pd+BB
VA W Christopher Atkins III &  Christopher Atkins   Pd+BB
VA E Shawn Smith &  Curtis Welton   Pd+BB
MD Paul Wiley &  Jon Crans   Pd+BB
VA W Stephen Highfield &  Jeff Mills   Pd
VA W Bill Bailey &  William Bailey   Pd+BB
VA E Jay Perkins &  Christopher Gren   Pd
MD Joe Lloyd &  Daun Nicholson   Pd+BB
VA W Dave Crawford &  Kevin Schoenadel   Pd
VA E Ray Scroggins &  Christopher Scroggins   Pd+BB
PA C Jim Moslak &  Jeremy Lake   Pd+BB
VA E Robert Fisher &  Sheryl Fisher Ml/Fml Pd
VA E Aaron Fisher &  Samuel Fisher   Pd+BB
MD Randy Keen &  Randy Gabel   Pd+BB
VA W Brian Lindamood       Pd+BB
VA W Taft Durr &  Jacob Stevers   Pd+BB
VA W Steven Bishop &  Richard Alley   Pd+BB
VA E Lewis Williams &  Mariley Furrow  Ml/Fml Pd+BB
VA W Jimmy Pack &  Solomon Sowers   Pd
MD Kevin Simpson &  Kelby Mowery   Pd+BB
MD William Peat &  Joseph Strauss   Pd
MD Richard vonNordeck &  Samuel Rineer   Pd+BB
MD Jason Rice &  Leslie Ivins   Pd+BB
VA W Ronald Hatfield &  Richard Jamerson   Pd+BB
VA W Jared Sowers &  Kevin Allison   Pd+BB
MD Jim Shinn &  Andy Jones   Pd+BB
VA W David Martin &  Kevin Simmons   Pd+BB
ME Robert Spencer &  Timothy Spry   Pd+BB
ME Johnathan Nichols &  Ian Godwin   Pd+BB
VA W Randall Tucker &  Ralph Tucker Jr   Pd+BB
VA E Michael Heatwole &  Mark Heatwole   Pd+BB
VA E David Williams &  Darryl Williams    Pd
VA W Jacob Bumgarner &  Alan Bumgarner   Pd
ME Mark Osgood &  Darrell Wentworth   Pd+BB
NC E Jason Smith &  Sam Spruill   Pd+BB
VA W Mike Smith &  Erin Smith   Pd+BB
VA W James Carnley &  Jonathan Arrington   Pd+BB
VA W Nathan Alt &  Jeff Camp   Pd+BB
VA W Gary Flinchum &  Shelton Fowler   Pd+BB
PA C Greg Settnek &  Collin Settnek   Pd+BB



District 5 Championship on Philpott-Day 2 - 09/21/19
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