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Day two District 6 Championship

Day two had us on the ramp early and getting our competitors out and on the water so they could either defend their position from day one or catch the leaders and slide in for victory!  The weather  was threatening but held all day for us as we saw our anglers head to the scales with hopes of a win.  Ultimately it was the veteran team of Michel and Gaudet that held on to the lead by weighing a second day sack of 13.32.  The second day was better for the team of Malcom Smith and Gary Christian who brought 12.83 to the scales to earn second place.  Justin and Bryan Mayers followed them with a sack weighing 12.71 to complete the top three for the day.  The team of Ryan Fontenot and Jim Harbin had the second day big fish with a 4.73 toad.  

Overall District 6 Champions were the Louisiana South team of Winston Michel and Sandy Gaudet.  Congrats guys and we wish you the best of luck as you head to Nationals in Florida!!

Roster Information:

Entry is closed for this event.


Entries have been received from the following teams:

Div Name   Name Type Entry
MS James Bernardi &  Butch Cobb   Pd+BB
TX E Tony Owen &  Mark Jenkins   Pd+BB
LA S Ronald Salvadras &  Corey Salvadras   Pd+BB
LA S George Valentine &  Jeremy Aaron   Pd+BB
MS C Frank Morton &  Richard Parker   Pd+BB
TX E Stephen Kinney &  Jimmy Martin   Pd+BB
MS C Rick Downey &  Billy Watson   Pd+BB
MS C Ronnie Torrance &  James Lusk   Pd+BB
TX E Timothy Browder       Pd+BB
LA S Wilson Couch &  Warren Couch   Pd+BB
LA S Justin Mayers &  Brian Mayers   Pd
LA S Blake Bourque &  Joey Stein   Pd
LA S Mike Pyle &  Joseph Martin   Pd+BB
LA S Jarrod Aucoin  &  Howard Hartley   Pd+BB
LA S Wade Bourg &  Justin Lane   Pd+BB
LA S Travis Laurent &  Bradley Matte   Pd
LA S Michael Scalise &  Derek LeJeune   Pd+BB
LA S Jeff McMorris &  Beau Fitch   Pd+BB
LA S Byron Keith &  Chris Cordell   Pd+BB
LA S Rusty Cappo &  Thomas Read   Pd+BB
LA S Ryan Fontenot &  Jim Harbin   Pd+BB
LA S Marilea Guillotte &  Heath Guillotte Ml/Fml Pd+BB
LA S Marlon Karpinski &  Jacob Mayer   Pd+BB
MS C Kin Austin &  Lane Austin   Pd+BB
LA S Sandy Gaudet &  Winston Michel   Pd+BB
LA S Tom Goins & TJ Goins   Pd
LA S Vernon Silver &  Gerald Butler   Pd+BB
LA S Joe Hocke &  Warren Rome   Pd
LA S Donald Holley &  William Holley   Pd+BB
LA S Ryan Gomez &  Bryan Mistretta   Pd+BB
LA S Cary Beard &  Alex Perret   Pd
LA S Gary Christian &  Malcom Smith   Pd+BB
MS C Keith Walley &  Jeremy Howard   Pd+BB

District 6 Championship on the Atchafalaya Basin-Day 2 - 09/14/19
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