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Our 5th event of the year will be on Lake Erie.  We will be launching from West pier launch.  Boat check in will start at 5 with a blast off around 6am or safe light.  It will be a five fish 15 inch limit.  If you are fishing solo it will be a four fish limit.

The Friday night meeting will be at the beach 11 pavilion in Presque Isle State Park.  Dinner will be at 6:30 followed by the message at 7 pm.  

Entree Fees are due Monday August 19th.  The entry fee is 150 plus an optional 25 bonus bucks.  You can PayPal me your entry fees up until midnight Monday night without a late penalty at

Erie is truly a magical fishery and I look forward to seeing you all there.

The waves were choppy and the fishing was tough but at 10:00 am 8 out of 9 teams ventured out on the Big Lake to look for smallmouth. It was the team of Jeremy Lake and Jim Moslak that found them the best.  They had a total of 17.82 and big fish of 4.26.  Right on their heels was the team of Justin Lonchar and Rick Fiona with 17.28.  Those were the only two limits brought to the scales that day.


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Lake Erie - 08/24/19

Lake and Moslak 17.82 and 4.26 Big Fish

Lonchar and Fiola 17.28