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MAY 18th Revised...



DATE:  5/30/20

This will be a ONE DAY EVENT, No Friday night meeting

Blast off numbers will be assigned in ORDER of ENTRIES paid.

Entries can be purchased in advance, or at the Ramp Saturday morning (NO LATE FEE for this event)

-  to pay entries, go to the SC UPSTATE TEAM page and follow the paypal instructions.

MEMBERSHIPS SHOULD be paid to the NATIONAL office PRIOR to the event on May 30th.  Please provide proof of payment at check in.

-  to pay memberships, go to JOIN ONLINE form and follow the instructions


Bonus Bucks will be available to PREPAY online, or you can pay at the RAMP during Check in.


OFF LIMITS: From Tuesday 12:01 a.m. (5/25 Memorial Day) to Safelight Friday May 29th


Please be aware that FOM will be operating this event in a manner that is consistent with the States Guidelines on social distancing.  More information will be posted soon.



4:45 am-  Check in begins at the RAMP, Blast Tickets issued (Raffle Sales will also be available)

5:45 am-  Devotion on the water

5:55-  Blast Off Begins 

2:00 pm-  First Flight Weigh in (Boats 1-20)

2:15 pm-  2nd Flight Weigh in (21-40)

2:30 pm- 3rd Flight Weigh in (41-60)

2:45 pm- 4th Flight Weigh in (61-80)



-   CHECK IN will be a done as Teams are entering the Ramp Area

  1.  Team Names Verifid
  2.  Individual CONTACT info verified
  3.  FOM Membership verified
  4.  Entry (verify prepaid or Accept payment)
  5.  Bonus Bucks participation (verify prepaid or Accept Payment)
  6.  Issue Blast Number TICKET
  7.  Raffle Opportunity (still working on this, stay posted for details...  one prize will be a REVO ROCKET REEL)
  8.  Live Well Check (please have them OPEN)

Blast Off

  1.  DEVOTION on the water at 5:45 am  (Motors off, and gather up)
  2.  Blast off will be by number, one boat at a time;  same as we normally do

Weigh In

  1.  First Flight will begin at 2:00 pm
  2.  CHECK IN BOAT will be on the water.  YOU MUST CHECK IN, wether you have any fish or not (please inform FOM rep either way)
  4.  Scales will be positioned close to the DOCK
  5.  ONE MEMBER of team allowed at the Scales, ONE MEMBER of team at staging Tank, and ONE MEMBER of team one the way to scales
    1. This is to aid in the Social Distancing Requirments
    2. NO CONGREGATING will be allowed at the SCALES
    3. NO CONGREGATING will be allowed on the DOCK
    4. Please minimize Congregating in the Parking Lot
  6.  A FOM Official will be on the DOCK to assist in directing traffic to the scales
  7.  Please don't DOCK any longer than it takes to bag Fish, and Drop a Team Memeber to go to the scales
  8.  Weigh in will be conducted as quickly as possible
  9.  Raffle Winners will be awarded their Prizes when they Weigh In


  1.  Checks will be MAILED to winners 
  2.  Each winning team will be contacted to verify information prior to dispersment
  3.  PLEASE do not congregate after you trailer
  4.  Winners will be posted on Facebook and the SC Upstate WEB SITE immediately after the scales are closed



  • Tickets : Available for Anglers or General Public (Phone # required when purchased)
    • $5 for 3
    • $10 for 8
    • $20 for 20
  • Items:
    •  Abu Garcia REVO ROCKET 10.1:1 gear ratio
    •  Berkley 7' 6" LIGHTNING SHOCK ROD
    •  Berkely Tx CULL MARKERS
    •  Set of custom Dock Buddies
    •  Berkley 6" BENT NOSE PLIERS
    •  Stainless Steel Mug
    •  Miscellaneous Tackle 



Roster Information:



1 - John Wilson & Blake Riddle
2 - Eddie Landreth & Jody Bailey
3 - Ronny Gillespie & Jay Driggers
4 - Robby Hipps & Rodney Chastain
5 - Aiden Somerville & Barrette Presley
6 - Chris Rhodes & Reggie Luper
7 - Tom Cloer III & Greg Stewart
8 - Keith Mock & Ben Franklin
9 - Chris Coleman & Truett Hill
10 - Jason Snyder & Jason Skinner
11 - Darry Waits & Brady Waits
12 - Hunter Hanna & Corey Waits
13 - Tommy Newton & Ken Campbell
14 - David Arnold & Eddie Belcher + BB 
15 - Kevin Allman & David Hicks
16 - Tony Holliday + BB 
17 - David Vaughn & William Borum
18 - Brandon Addis & Kenneth Addis
19 - Zack Hicks & Mark Hicks
20 - Tra Dumit & Chad Fuller
21 - Darrell Huntsinger & Darren Taylor
22 - Danny Ashley & Rustie Davis
23 - Randy Dickson & Kevin Dickson + BB 
24 - BJ Ballard & Chastan Hanna
25 - Gregg Williams & Mark Williams
26 - Chase Stewart & Jerry Allen
27 - Vince Smith & Brady Kimbrell + BB 
28 - Donald Miller & Steve Storey
29 - Russell Clark & Franklin Ramey
30 - Michael Smith & Micky Lusk




Hartwell - 05/30/20