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Friday night meeting


Registration will be online or mail in only.  Please send mail in registration no later than Friday (May 23).  Online registration will be open until Friday 6pm (May 29).  We will not accept any registrations at the ramp Saturday morning.

Saturday Launch Location

Elk Neck State Park  4395 Turkey Point Rd. North East, Md 21901

Morning prayer and devotional will start at 5:30 am (ON THE WATER)

Launch time will be 6:00 am for Flight 1 (Boats 1-20), 6:15 am (Boats 21-40)

We will be doing boat checks at the ramp as teams launch.  Please be patient with us as this will be a learning experience for us all.  Boat numbers will be assigned according to registrations received.  We will give you your boat number at the ramp.

Check In time will be 3:00 pm (Boats 1-20), 3:15 pm (Boats 21-40).  Be sure to check in with Maureen by the boat ramp before your check in time. Stay in boat on the water until we call you up to the scale.  We will call up boat numbers 1 at a time.  Only 1 angler can bring fish to scales and the angler must be wearing a face mask.  Once teams have been weighed in they are asked to leave the weigh in area.  No gathering around weigh in area will be allowed.  

No checks will be issued at the conclusion of weigh in.  All checks will be mailed to winners.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call.  Please pass this word to all other anglers you know!  Thank you all and we are excited to see you in a couple of weeks!

Roster Information:

Boat #1 Malamphy / Waters

Boat #2 Rufenacht

Boat #3 Barth / Anderson

Boat #4 Wood / Moody

Boat #5 VanHorn

Boat #6 Wolf / Dell

Boat #7 Billings

Boat #8 McCleary / Bosley

Boat #9 Everhart / Comer

Boat #10 Yarnall / Sherman

Boat #11 Horton / Dannels

Boat #12 Kovack / Setlock

Boat #13 Lloyd / Nicholson

Boat #14 Wiley / Ostrowski

Boat #15 Peddicord / Wiley 

Boat #16 Pelkey

Boat #17 Harden / Brown

Boat #18 Gim / Stierstorfer

Boat #19 Crayton

Boat #20 Peat / Adams

Boat #21 Kuhrmann / Weber

Boat #22 Molz / Brockmeyer

Boat #23 Martes

Boat #24 Wiley / Crans

Boat #25 Thackston / Bayne


Upper Bay - 05/30/20