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The 2020 Fishers of Men Legacy tournaments of Central Florida have officially begun.  Our tournament was held on Lake Butler launching out of RD Keene Park. We had a total of 11 boats launching in a very cloudy and on and off rainy day, mostly on! For the first time since I was director of the Legacy tournaments every team caught 5 fish and all were alive and well upon release. First place went to Jason and Brandon with 13.18lbs and big bass weighing 3.67. Second place went to Dusty and Brandon with 11.07, third place went to Brian and Austin with 9.37. It was a very tough day, conditions were not great. I have to applaud the kids for toughing it out. I look forward to our next tournament at Johns Lake on February 29th. I will post launch order online, they will be drawn randomly.  Please arrive early as we will have a short sermon by BIlly Taylor prior to launch and will count for 50 of your 200 points possible that day. Weigh in will be at 1. I will set up near the boat ramp and will be ready around 12:45 if you choose to come in early. Please do your membership online as it is easier and bring payment for tournament $80(includes big bass, tournament and lunch). An additional $25 is for bonus bucks(100% payback) and is completely optional. Please contact us with any questions. Robbie Austin, Director 407-506-5239, Billy Taylor, Chaplan 407-739-6914

Support our local and national sponsers, River of Life Osteopath, Nelsons Tents and Events, RNF Marine and Mudhole Custom Tackle, Carrabas Italian Grill and Texas Roadhouse Oviedo









We thank all of our sponsors who make the tournaments possible.

Roster Information:

Legacy Tournment

FL Central Legacy Event 1 - 02/01/20

1st Jason and Brandon

2nd Dusty and Ethan

3rd Brian and Austin

a great crowd