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THERE IS NO FRIDAY NIGHT MEAL AND MEETING for this first tournement. I will be set up at Tommy's Friday February 28 around 5:30 for those wantng to pay membership fees ($42.50 per angler except for youth), tounament fees ($150 per team) and bonus bucks ($25 optional side pot). FOR THIS FIRST EVENT ONLY you will be allowed to sign up on Saturday morning before blast off. It will be very helpful to have your Berkley Tournament form filled out PRIOR TO coming to sign up. We'll have forms but it slows things down tremendously.   Boats will go out in the order of entries received in the mail or at the ramp FOR THIS TOURNAMENT ONLY. Weigh in will begin at 3 pm and inside Tommy's is off limits. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the condition of your boat and trailer at launch for being free of grasses etc. on boat or trailer.  If you need me, call me at 662-392-3474 Jim Phillips Director, Mississippi Central Division.  ALL FUTURE events will have a meal and meeting at 6:30 on Friday nights prior to the event at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Madison.  Results will be posted.





Roster Information:


Ross Barnett - 02/29/20