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Our first meeting for the 2020 season was held at Holy Rosary Church in St.amant where Fr.Josh talked about making time with the lord. We always make time for football,hunting and fishing but are we watching the clocks when we're in church and the pastor has ran over 15mins.

             We had 77 boat signed up for the lake Verett tournament that was sponsored by Vecta Environmental service. Al Odom was our guest for the weigh in. Warmer weather had the fish in a early spawn mode but the bite was still tough. Despite the tough bite Joey Bennet and Dennis Martinez was able to win with a sack of 17.06 and take home the $5,000 1st place prize. 2nd place was Jason Pourciau and Brett Sellers with 15.90 and $980. 3rd place,1st place bonus bucks and Big bass went to Teal Smith and Tyler Teague with a total payout of $2910. 4th place and 2 nd place bonus bucks went to Kevin Diez and Eugene Hoover with a weight of 14.3 and a payout of $917. 4th place was Logan Latuso and Ross Roper with 12.77. We paid 15 places and set a new record for the most boats fished in South La division history, Thanks to all the volunteers that help make this tournament a success.    





Roster Information:

  Angler 1  Angler 2  Bonus Bucks 
1 Tammy Charbonnet  Jimmy Charbonnet Y
2 Wilson Couch  Warren Couch  
3 Ronald Salvadras  Corey Salvadras Y
4 Wade Bourg  Justin Lane Y
5 Jarrod Aucoin   Howard Hartley Y
6 Robert Crowe George Rome  
7 Steven Rockweiler  Eric Rockweiler  
8 Lee Arcement  Nicholas Arecement   
9 Marilea Guillotte  Heath Guillotte  
10 Dale Knott Mike Jasinski  Y
11 George Valentine  Jeremy Aaron Y
12 Phillip Valentine Camron Koenig Y
13 Casey St.Romain  Phillip Aucoin   
14 Cary Beard  Alex Perret  
15 Joey Decuir Blake Canella  
16 Ryan Gomez  Bryan Mistretta  
17 Wayne Major Shanon Fairchild  
18 Jeremy Norris Colby thompson Y
19 Joseph Lott  Joseph Lott Jr  
20 Teal Smith Tyler Teague  
21 Billy Billeaud  Greer Billeaud   
22 Joey Bennett Dennis Martinez   
23 Cody Smith  Justin Mayers  
24 Jason Pourciau Brett Sellers   
25 John Lea  Jim Harbin  
26 Hunter Thibodeaux  Daniel Bryant   
27 Chris Guillory  Zack Brazda Y
28 Kevin Christian   Gary Christian  Y
29 Kevin Medine  Chad Porto   
30 Dustin Champagne Keith Guidry  
31 Marlon Karpinski  Jacob Mayer  
32 Tim Carmouche  Chris Day  
33 Corey Martin  Brandon Gomez   

Lake Verret - 01/18/20