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Thank you to Michael Parker for delivering our message about St.Joseph and living for the love of Jesus. 

Congratulations to Joey Bennett and Dennis Martinez for taking home their 2nd win of the year with 14.97 and a check for $4500.

2nd place and new AOY points leaders goes to Logan Latuso and Ross Roper with 13.84 and a check for $1837.50

3rd Place pay out  $1322.50 goes to Tom and TJ Goings 

4th place with a pay out of $656 went to Brennan Huter and Troy Tempanaro. 

*Due to rule violation the team of Bourg and Lane was disqualified*

Teams 1-11 will get additional money. I will contact you soon to see how I can get you your additional $$$.


Our 4th Tournament is sponsored by Mike Pyle owner of PWI  

Launch Site : Dorian's 

Boundaries: Can not go south of HWY 90 or lock through to the spillway. 

Lake Verret Side Only 

We will not have a pre meeting due to covid-19. I will have a Facebook live on Thursday July 16th at 7:00 PM to cover the rules. 

Entry Fee's: Entry fees must be paid online via PayPal or mailing a check to address below. Deadline to pay is July 17th at 3PM

11177 Toria Lane St.Amant La 70774  

I will be in the back of the store to sign everyone in around 4:30.

Launch: Everyone must launch behind the store and I will call boat # at the end of Doirons canal. 





Tournament Fees
Angler 1
Angler 2

Roster Information:

Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
1  Joseph Martin Paul Pyle Y
2 Joe Hocke Chris Thornton   
3 Tim Guillaume Bubbua Rossi  
4 Joseph Bennett  Dennis Martinez  
5  Ron Boutte Errol Sigue  
7 Hal Pinho Lee Bierhorst Y
8 Eugene Hoover  Kevin Diez  Y
9 Tammy Charbonnet  Jimmy Charbonnet Y
10 Brad Guidry Jason Campell   
11 Thomas McCrystal Sammy Cobb Y
12 Sandy Gaudet  Winston Michel Y
13 Dale Knott Mike Jasinski  Y
14 Alex Heintze Connor Rushing   
15 Logan Latuso Ross Roper Y
16 Marilea Guillotte  Heath Guillotte Y
17 Brooks Forsyth Michael Bowen Y
18 Beau fitch Jeff mcmorris Y
19 Jarrod Aucoin   Howard Hartley Y
20 Joseph Howell Lyle Walker Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
21 Paul Prudhomme Owen Plaisance  
22 Paul Amedee Cole Amedee Y
23 Darin Ledet Ken Bubba Nini   
24 Beau Theriot Jeff Lipari   
25 Phillip Valentine Camron Koenig Y
26 George Valentine  Jeremy Aaron Y
27 Jim Harbin John Lea Y
28 Brandon Burns Taylor Marcello  
29 Jeffery Coolman  Shane Eliser Y
30 Joey Decuir Blake Canella Y
31 Vernon Silver Gerald Butler Y
32 Marlon Karpinski  Jacob Mayer Y
33 Charles Glorioso Caleb Prestenbach Y
34 Patrick Joffrion Blayne Joffrion  
35 Tom Goins  Thomas TJ Goins Y
36 Wade Bourg  Justin Lane Y
37 Randy Son Josh Son  
38 Brennan Huter Troy Tempanaro Y
39 Patrick Rachel Spenser Gremillion Y
40 Byron Keith  Chris Cordell Y
Boat #   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
41 Wilson Couch  Warren Couch  
42 Toby Sarradet  Phillip Brown   
43 Chad Porto Kevin Medine  
44 John Chaney Hanson Chaney Y
45 Mike Ocale  Kirk Allain Y
46 Jeremy Norris Colby thompson Y
47 Cody Smith  Justin Mayers  
48 Joey Stein  Blake Bourque  Y
49 Gary Christen Eric Brignac Y
50 Wade LeBlanc Carl Whittington  
51 Ronald Salvadras  Corey Salvadras Y
52 Hunter David  Creed David   
53 Robert Crowe  Vincent donagrIche  
54 Neal Normand Corey Wheat Y
55 Clinton singleton  Linzy Howard  
56 Casey St Romain Kevin Swiber  
57 Austin LeJeune Logan LeJeune  

Lake Verret - 07/18/20

1st place

2nd place

3rd place