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Note: Everyone, we will try to stick with the 5:30 CST blastoff time.  We will listen to a devotional given by the KY West division speaker on the water. We will let them blast off and we will follow. It looks as if we could have 10 to 12 boats!


Hello everyone,

We will have the tx on 6-13. We can now have legal fishIng tx’s in KY again!  We will still recognize the distancing and therefore not have a meeting on Friday. We will meet at the Penninsula and have a short on the water devotional. I will arrive at the parking lot at 5am CST, to get people registered and collect entry fees.  Entry fee is $80 per team and there is the option of $25 bonus bucks plus membership if you are not currently a member.  You can also send your payment to me at 1143 Blackberry Dr., Lawrenceburg, KY 40342.  I will mail checks to the fishers who place based on the addresses given to me..  

We should be able to blast off by by 5:30 CST or a few minutes after that.  Check in time will be 1:00pm CST. I will talk about late penalties and dead fish, as well as size limits on the water. 

If anything changes I will post it on here as soon as I can. If anyone has any questions please call or text 502-598-6146

Results for 6-13-2020 at Barren River                                                                                                  Place    Bonus Bucks   Big Fish

1. Jarod and Colton Hembree                 5 fish    11.81 lbs                200pts                                        $247        $112.50 

2. Stan and Will Carnes                           5 fish    11.78 lbs                199 pts       3.75 lbs Big Fish     $135        $67.50            $45

3. Billy and Kaylee Duncan                      5 fish     9.48 lbs                 198 pts                                       $68          $45

4. Larry Baldock and Jacob Scott            5 fish     8.23 lbs                  197 pts

5. TJ and Hallie Wilcher                            4 fish    7.15 lbs                  196 pts

6. Greg and Taylor Hansford                    4 fish     6.93 lbs                  195 pts

7. Steve and Jacob Riley                           2 fish    5.03 lbs                  194 pts

8. Tom and Hayden Peck                          3 fish    4.06 lbs                  193 pts

9. Charles Harrison and Tim Robinson      2 fish    2.67 lbs                  192 pts

I really want to thank everyone for coming out and braving the crowds on the lake and in the parking lot.  Congratulations to the Hembree's and Carnes for a tight battle for the win.  Everyone who fished has qualified to fish the National Championship to be held on Lake Jordan in Alabama.

We will have another tournament at Green River on 7-11-20 for those of you who may want to qualify fo the national championship.  We will not have a meeting and you will be permitted to pay at the ramp.  We will have a short devotional on the water and blast off as early as possible.  We will also end at noon in an effort to prevent fish from dying and to dodge the crowds as much as possible.  Again thanks everyone who came out to our first tournament.

Roster Information:

Legacy Tournment

Barren River - 06/13/20