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Thank you to the 10 teams that showed up to battle todays brisk winds. We had a great tournout of determined kids who stuck out the cold weather, which went along perfectly with Hebrews 12. "Run the race to the end and run it with all you have" which was our inspirational word for this event. Every team put it all out there and every team had something to weigh. There's always those that find a way to bring them in despite tough conditions, congrats to team Benson on a very nice bag today. Special thank you to all Fishers of Men sponsors as well as these local sponsors for its donations. Hammonds Fishing Center, Berkley, D-Ray Fishing, Woo Tungsten, and SPRO. Excited to see everyone on Hartwell come April.



Roster Information:

Legacy Tournment

Lake Lanier - 02/29/20