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A quick rundown on how we will run this event.


Please note All times are Indianapolis time. (They are 1 hr behind)


No Friday night meeting but will have a brief message on the water at 6:15 AM. I will be at the mouth of the river. Please congregate down stream to help things flow smoother.

We will take off at 6:40 AM and return at 3:00 PM. Off limits will start at 2:00 and will be from the bridge to the point right of the ramp. Please see Fishers of Men Indiana South Facebook page for photos showing details.

When your number is called idle past the boat with your livewells open and once checked continue forward to the main river to avoid the boats coming in from behind. We want to get everyone on the water to catch the early morning bite as quickly as we can.

This is a 5 fish 12-inch tournament. You must cull on your 6th fish.

You must check in at the weigh in scales to avoid late penalties. Please check in even if you blank so we know everyone made it back safely. Only 1 person from the team should weigh in. While in line please keep the recommended 6 ft distance. Everyone is welcome to watch the weigh in but please keep things loose and spread out.

Scales will close at 3:30 pm. You must be in line to weigh in by 3:30. You may come from the water or from trailer, whichever is faster and easier for you.

Please mail entries by Friday July 24th to avoid late fees. Also, there will be a deadline of 5:00 pm Thursday July 30th to transfer your entry to next tournament or ask for a refund. After 5 all entries will be tabulated, and boat positions drawn.

Boat positions will be sent to at least one member of the team via text. If you have not received your start position by noon Friday, the 31st please text me at 317 833 5588. Please note that number 1 will be raffled off on the water and will be given the full 1-minute head start. Please have cash ready and if you win head immediately to me so that we can launch on time.

All winners will have their checks mailed to them. This will help in reducing time spent around the ramp. If you place in the money please text me your mailing address and how you want checks to be handled (two checks, transferred to next tournament, etc.). Payout is 1 place for every 5 boats to give you an idea on how far down we pay.

Roster Information:


Ohio river (Rocky Point) - 08/01/20