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2020 District 10 Championship Day 2.

We launched out of Harley Ensign ramp with Easterly winds and a little warmer conditions, but the fishing was still pretty tough for many teams. The temps got up into the 70’s and the sun was shining. As teams began to weigh in it was up for grabs for the top 10 teams and as they weighed in we waited for the top two teams to see what they had and if it would be enough to edge out the other. Neither team would bring in that 20lb bag they had on day 1 which opened the door for the Indiana South Team of John Santos and Matthew McClanahan who brought 21.38lbs and jump from 3rd Place on Day 1 to take the win with 40.09lbs. John and Matt earned $2,940. Congratulations John and Matt!

Roster Information:


Entry is closed for this event

Flight Boat Number Div Name Name Type Entry
1 1 OH James Brown  Scott Casto   Pd+BB
1 2 OH Justen Fain  Ty Fain A/J Pd+BB
1 3 OH Guy Hammaker  Gary Hammaker   Pd+BB
1 4 OH Dirk Davenport  Ronald Nutter   Pd+BB
1 5 PA C Austin Carrera  Andrew Herman   Pd+BB
1 6 OH Roy Pifer  Mike Hamberg   Pd+BB
1 7 IN S Austin Creamer  Evan Gallagher   Pd
1 8 OH Jeffery Jordan  Bradley Baxter   Pd+BB
1 9 OH Danny Ryan Jr  Brian Mailot   Pd+BB
1 10 IN S Brian Sharp  Tanner Sharp   Pd
2 11 IN S Jason Roberts  Michael Ruhane   Pd+BB
2 12 OH Martin Noffsinger  Tyler Noffsinger   Pd+BB
2 13 IN S  Brian Lamb    Don Troy    Pd+BB
2 14 IN S John Santos  Matthew McClanahan   Pd+BB
2 15 IN S Jim Stone  Adam Farmer   Pd+BB
2 16 IN N Rusty Low  Terry McWilliams   Pd+BB
2 17 PA C Vince Humenay  William Mansell   Pd+BB
2 18 OH Mike Cullop  Mike Cullop   Pd+BB
2 19 IL C  Marlan Brown    Debbie Brown  Ml/Fml Pd+BB
2 20 OH  Mark Landis    Larry Wise    Pd+BB
3 21 MD Thomas Harden  William Brown   Pd+BB
3 22 OH  Anthony Cannon    Robert Cannon    Pd
3 23 AL C Paul Vaccaro  Steve Drinnon   Pd+BB
3 24 SC L Don Smith  Daniel Smith   Pd+BB
3 25 OH Tyler Denlinger  Troy Denlinger   Pd
3 26 IL C Glyn Marsh II  Troy Boley   Pd+BB
3 27 OH Keynon Young  Lynda Young    Ml/Fml Pd
3 28 AL NW Kathy Van Polen  Tim Van Polen Ml/Fml Pd+BB
3 29 MD Joe Lloyd  Michael Frazee   Pd
3 30 OH Zac Mumford  Levi Northup   Pd+BB
4 31 OH Mark Rudasill  Doug Rudasill   Pd+BB
4 32 PA C Dustin Dennis  Joe Osgood   Pd+BB
4 33 IN W. Boggs Gary Higgins   Nate Higgins   Pd+BB
4 34 KY SC  Scott Wasson    Doug Florkowski    Pd+BB

District 10 Championship on St Clair-Day 2 - 09/12/20
RESULTS: | View Multiday Day Results | Day 1 | Day 2 |

District 10 Champions John Santos / Matthew McClanahan 40.09 lbs

2nd Place Justen and Ty Fain 38.41 including Day 2 Big Bass 5.66lbs

3rd Place Mark and Doug Rudasill 37.39

4th Place Paul Vaccaro and Steve Drinnon 33.94

5th Place Joe Loyd and Michael Frazee 32.67

Top Male/Female Team Tim and Kathy Van Polen 30.62