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Fishers of Men Cajun Outboard Finale


Our August 8th tournament out of Doiron’s launch is sponsored by Mike Oncale and Cajun Outboards.

Cajun Outboards has a wide variety of boats for sale. Yall stop in and see them for all your boating needs. 


Our guess speaker will be Beryl Billiot with ISO Services who also donated $1500 for this tournament and sponsored $1000 to the Weeknight series.


Robert Crowe (The Floorman) donated $1000 for 1st place big bass


Pay Out with 75 boats will be as followed.

1st place  $6000

2nd place  $1600

3rd Place  $1000


Big Bass

1st Place $1000

2nd Place $ 625



Launch Site: Doiron’s 

Boundaries: Cannot go south of HWY 90 on the lake Verret side and cannot go east of Bayou Shafer on spillway side. All posted and/or private waters are off limits.


We will have a Facebook live pre meeting on August 6th starting at 7 pm. Due to Covid the meeting is not mandatory but recommend. 

Entry FeesEntry fees must be paid online via PayPal or mailing a check to address below. Deadline to pay is August 7th at 3PM

11177 Toria Lane St. Amant La 70774  

I will be in the back of the store to sign everyone in around 4:30.

Launch: Either side  






Tournament Fees
Angler 1
Angler 2

Roster Information:

   MEMBER1  MEMBER2 Bonus Bucks 
1 Tammy Charbonnet  Jimmy Charbonnet Y
2 Wilson Couch  Warren Couch  
4 Whalen Plauche  John Garrett Y
5 Eugene Hoover  Kevin Diez  Y
6 Marlon Karpinski  Jacob Mayer Y
7 Joey Decuir Blake Canella Y
8 Robert Crowe  Vincent donagrIche Y
9 George Valentine  Jeremy Aaron Y
10 Mike Ocale  Kirk Allain Y
11 Vernon Silver Gerald Butler Y
12 Ronald Salvadras  Corey Salvadras Y
13 Tom Goins  Thomas TJ Goins Y
14 Patrick Rachel Spenser Gremillion  
15 Phillip Valentine Camron Koenig Y
16 Sandy Gaudet  Winston Michel Y
17 Dale Knott Mike Jasinski  Y
18 Jim Harbin John Lea Y
19 Gary Christen Eric Brignac Y
20  Ron Boutte Errol Sigue Y
21 Jeff McMorris Beau Fitch  
22 Joseph Bennett  Dennis Martinez Y
23 Randy Son Josh Son  
24 Brennan Huter Troy Tempanaro Y
25 John Chaney Hanson Chaney Y
26 Andy David   Y
27 Scott Buxton Randy Brown Y
28 Neil Normand Corey Wheat Y
29 Mason Ferachi Jeremy Ferachi  
30 Jeffery Coolman  Shane Eliser Y
31 Marilea Guillotte  Heath Guillotte Y
32 Charles Glorioso Caleb Prestenbach Y
33 Hal Pinho Lee Bierhorst Y
34 Alex Heintze Connor Rushing   
35 Carl Whittington Garrett Whittington  
36 Clinton singleton  Linzy Howard  
37 Beau Theriot Jeff Lipari   
38 Brad Guidry Jason Campell  Y
39 Cody Smith  Justin Mayers  
40 Chad Porto Kevin Medine  
41 Paul Prudhomme Owen Plaisance Y
42 Jarrod Aucoin   Howard Hartley Y
43 Ryan Gomez  Bryan Mistretta Y
44 Logan Latuso Ross Roper Y
45 Paul Amedee Austin Legendre  
46  Joseph Martin Paul Pyle  
47 Joseph Howell Lyle Walker  
48 Wayne Murray Carrie Boudreau  
49 Cary Beard  Alex Perret  

Cajun Outboard Spillway Finale - 08/08/20