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After a nice morning rain set in for a very wet day!!! Team Ray/Smith having no practice decided to focus on mian lake points, shoals and humps. It paid off well for them today with schooling fish giving them a 21.75 lbs bag of spots and one largemouth (6.73), winning them just shy of $1,700.00 for 1st place. 2nd place went to team Sullens/McIntyre with a 18.03 lbs. bag, winning them over $763.00. Huntsinger/Taylor won $410 with a 17.81. Big bass honors went to Baskins/Hughes with a 6.76 lbs. largemouth. We weighed in 3 fish over 6lbs Saturday.

Roster Information:

Boat Numbers

1.Ray/Smith BB

2.Phillips/Postell BB

3.Clauss/Roland BB

4.Anglin/Anglin BB

5.Edwards/Szabo BB

6.Overbay/Beasley BB

7.Ramsey/McKee BB

8.Lutes/Martin BB


10.Riddle/Riddle BB


12.Morrow/Moon BB

13.Padgett/Padgett BB

14.Parker/Buice BB


16.Perdue/Hampton BB

17.Mathis/Spain BB


19.Chumley/McCoy BB


21.Jackson/Snyder BB

22.Roper/VanBuren BB

23.Thompson/Thompson BB

24.Ortiz/Jennings BB

25.King/Stevens BB

26.Taylor/Pope BB

27.Houk/McKee BB

28.Foster/Johnson BB

29.Sullens/McIntyre BB

30.Brannon/Brannon BB

31.Baskins/Hughes BB


Lanier #2 - 04/10/21