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Our FINAL event of 2022 was KEOWEE with our LEGACY Series.

The great staff at SOUTH COVE hosted the event, and we had an excellent time.

Today was a ONE day event, which means our FOM SC UPSTATE support team (who are AWESOME!!!) not only were there to set up for the weigh in, but we also served the anglers and their families a light meal of hot dogs and chips.  It may seem a simple thing, but it takes several people sacrificing their time to pull off this endeavor.  A special thanks to Donna and the GIRLS (Christine, Jewels, Bella, Zoe, and Kaydence).  Also thanks to Michael.  And our grilling crew, Father and son duo- Ruben and Ryan Guevara.  

I shared a little bit of the Fishers of Men philosophy with a few bible versus;  Matthew 4:19, John 3:16, and Hebrews 4:16.  So many times the Gospel gets turned into a complicated thing, when actually it is SUPER SIMPLE.  John 3:16 explains what God did for US with Jesus, and WHY he did it.  It also states the simple "action" anyone must take to become a Christian.  BELIEVE!  That's it.  If you have never experienced the saving POWER of my savior, I would love an opportunity to help you navigate through that process.  Please reach out to me.


Congrats to our WINNERS!

1st- 6.70 lbs:  Jon & Daniel Anders

2nd- 6.36 lbs:  Samuel Frankiewicz & Jakob Jackson

3rd- 6.34 lbs:  Brady & James Thornton

JR BIG FISH- 2.54 lbs: Clay Brooks

BIG FISH- 2.92 lbs: Calvin Murphy & Carter Nations





Contact:  Rodney Floyd- 864-417-5804

Roster Information:

TEAMS PAID: 18 as of 11 pm 5/18/22

18 - Adam Bernshausen & Daniel Bernshausen
9 - Adam Dubose & Jackson Dubose
10 - Brady Thornton & Baily Thornton
6 - Brian Tidwell & Zane Tidwell
12 - Bryan Burton & Austin Burton + BB
11 - Calvin Murphy & Carter Nations
5 - Daniel Floyd & Caleb Kelley + BB
7 - Eddie Roach & Griffith Roach + BB
16 - Gregg Williams & Grayson Williams
8 - Jacob Broome & Mandy Broome
2 - Jason Thrasher & Dillon Davis
4 - Jason Wood & Charles Wood
3 - Jon Anders & Daniel Anders + BB
14 - Kenneth Brock & Clay Brooks
15 - Mike Maloy & Landon Locklear + BB
1 - Quinton Frankiewicz & Tobias Pheasant
13 - Samuel Frankiewicz & Jakob Jackson
17 - Todd Hershberger & Kaden Hershberger
Legacy Tournment

Keowee - 05/21/22