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Saturday morning we had a thunderstorm system coming through so we held the anglers about an hour before launch to allow it to pass. However it rained all day long. The good news is the wind wasn't too bad so teams were able to catch fish. 23 Teams competed in our second event of the 2022 season and today was the day for Reg and Steven Davis who weighed in 15.01lbs including the Big Bass of the event with a 4.52lb largemouth. Congratulations to Reg and Steven on great win. They received plaques and $1842.00 for first place and Big Bass. Second Place was last years points champs and this year's current leaders Herb Rush and Zach Pierce with 14.51lbs. earning them $884.00. Thrid Place was the ever consistent husband and wife team of Brian and Lauri Lopp with 14.25lbs earning them $641.00. The final paying spot of Fourth Place was the team of Jun Bark and Sean Kim with 14.23lbs earning them $363.00. The out of the money award was drawn for all teams still present after the meeting and Drew Boston and Will Wheaton will have their entry paid for the June event. After the weigh in the anglers we're treated to a meal which included burgers and dogs grilled by Chef Carl and desert from Heather's bakery. The good news was preached and there was one angler who made a rededication to follow Jesus. Praise God for His mercy and grace on us all and His patience with us. Maybe in June we will finally have some decent weather. Hope to see you on the water June 18.




Roster Information:


Division Event #2 Lake Springfield - 05/21/22

Steven & Reg Davis 15.01lbs

Steven and Reg Davis First Place plaques

Steven and Reg Davis $500 Scheels Big Bass Winner

Second Place Herb Rush and Zach Pierce 14.51lbs

Third Place Brian and Lauri Lopp 14.25lbs

Fourth Place Jun Bark and Sean Kim 14.23lbs

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