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What a beautiful day we where blessed with on Saturday. We had 4 teams to go out at safe light. The team of David and Samuel Hanson took first place with 5 fish that weighed 11.86. They also had big fish that weighed 3.54. 2nd place went to Hunter Alsup and Aiden Yates with 2 fish bthat weighed 3.69. 3rd was the team of Carl and Dayton Heflin with 1 fish that weighed 2.25 and 4th was the team of Harry Smith and Zeke Long with 1 fish weighing 1.81. 

After weigh in we all learned a Bible verse. Genisis 1:1. In the begening God created the heavens and the earth. Always remember God is the creator. Then we had lunch and fellowship and give away some draw prizes. Thanks to all and hope to see you on Old Hickory on June 18th. 

                                                                                              MAY GOD BLESS ALL

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Legacy Tournment

Percy Priest - 05/21/22

1st place David & Samuel Hanson 11.86

2nd place Hunter Alsup & Aiden Yates 3.69

3rd place Carl & Dayton Heflin 2.25

4th place Harry Smith & Zeke Long 1.81

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