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Saturday July 30th is our last day of the trail for the season!


Please anticipate after this event to stay a little later(I'll make it as quick as possible) for a meeting to discuss the following year, 2023 schedule!  I would like all who have followed and traveled the season to have an input of what lakes and where to fish next year!  Anyone who cannot attend, I will still ask of your opinions and vote!  Please bring 6-8 dates or locations of water to fish and a time frame.  Remember, in NY and PA, all waters are unable to have a tournament between April 1st until the 2nd/3rd weekend in June(PA, NY) due to closed season.  There is an exception to Lake Erie during this time, as we are allowed to have 1 fish over 20" per person in a live well. SO, that means you can have 2 fish per boat if you are fishing with a partner....maybe do a 2 fish battle on Erie during the Spawn?? FYI, 20" smallie weighs roughly 4.5-5lbs, catching fish will be easy(can anticipate 30 plus fish day)....so imagine everyone with a 2 fish limit weighing 9 plus lbs or more!?!? Just an Idea I already have for next year ;-)  Also bring ideas for fundraising to the table as well!  I appreciate it!


Details of Chautauqua lake Event number 6:

-Saturday July 30th

-Launching out of Long Point State Park Marina

-Be on water ready to go by 6:30. I'll be at ramp at 5:45 am.

-Tournament times are safe light to 3:30.

-5 fish limit, 12" or larger.  

Pay entry by paypal at ddennis@fomntt.com.

Any questions contact Dustin Dennis at 304-871-1421.

Roster Information:

Dustin Dennis/Joe Osgood

Jacob Powell/Blake Caruso

Ron Woodford/Kathryn Woodford

Josh Gabehart/Wyatt Gabehart

Jordan Lanham/Russell Lipscomb

Justin Stanton

Kevin Adkins/Micheal Pastor

Joey Kingsley/Brandon Hunter

John Bland/Rusty Nicholson

Ryan Lattea

Aaron Riffle/Ryan Smith

Justin Lonchar/Jason Fantone


Joe Kimble/Ronnie Bothwell

Jonathan Thompson/Tyler Thompson


Chautauqua Lake - 07/30/22