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Kentucky will host a UBC tournament on Cedar Creek Lake on May 7th.  Anglers must have a Marshal to fish this event, RCHS Fishing Team anglers have agreed to marshal, but we have a limited number available for this event.  If you have a marshal you are guaranteed a spot. 

Entry will be 120.00 Per Angler.  $100.00 will be paid back to the field, $20.00 will be placed in to the Marshal purse.  Marshal's will fish for free, from the back of the boat only.  


  • Mandatory meeting prior to launch.  Will will go over details of the event prior to launch.  The event will begin at safelight, approx 6:45 AM.  Participants need to be on site by 6:15 AM
  • All scorable fish must weigh at least 1 lbs
  • All sight fish must be caught in the mouth, and verified by Marshal.
  • 1 place paid for every 5 entries.  Payack will be 100% at this event.
  • Marshal will be eligible to fish from the back of the boat.  $20.00 of the entry till go the the Marshal big fish of the day.
  • Group text system will be used during the event, all scorable fish will be submitted to the entire group.

You must be a Fishers of Men member to participate.  Go to www.fomntt.com and click Join Online, choose Kentucky UBC from the list.  Marshal's do NOT have to be a member to participate.

Entries will be accepted at the ramp, you must call 606-308-5566 in order to reserve a slot in this event.  

All paid entries in this event will qualify you to fish the UBC National Event to be held in January of 2023.





Roster Information:

Kentucky UBC Qualifier - 05/07/22