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~~Butler and Davis win the Ameriprise 1st place on Chickamauga.
Story by Steve Jennings

The fifth East Tennessee Fishers of Men Tournament was held on Chickamauga Lake. 

 Whites Creek Baptist Church was the host church again this year.  But we did not have the meeting at the church.  The meeting was held at the Pool Pavilion at Blue Water Resort.

Special thanks to Blue Water Resort and Campground.  Baron and the staff go way above and beyond to make everyone feel at home and enjoy their stay.  They have awesome, clean cabins, great camping spots and their own private boat ramp for their guests making everything so convenient.

Saturday morning came with a mixed morning of overcast skies and then the sun came next was storms and then overcast skies again.  But after the weigh-in was over, there had been 3 fish over 8 pounds two of which were over nine pounds caught. That is the first time that has ever happened in an East Tennessee Fishers of Men Tournament.

The Ameriprise First Place Award went to the Brent Butler and Seth Davis.  This team said they were blessed with a huge bag of bass weighing in at 29.48 Which also included the lunker of the tournament a massive 9.31 pounds largemouth bass.  Seth reported they fished river ledges using a big worm and crankbait to catch over 50 bass from the grass infected waters of Chickamauga Lake.  This team is sponsored by Mercury Marine, Wiedas Marine and Douglas Rods.

 Second place went to the team of Rick Ellis and George Headdon who ran their Mercury powered boat to the lower end of the lake to return with a 5 fish limit weighing at 17.80 pounds.  George reported that they fished deep early to catch a limit, and then went to the shoreline to flip and upgrade their weight.  This team is sponsored by Rick Ellis Home Inspection.

Third place went to Brian Jordan and Michael Smith who ran their Mercury powered Nitro to the upper end of the lake to return with 16.56 pounds of bass.  This team tied top water baits to their Dixie Custom Rod and reels to bring back this heavy bag of bass.  With this high finish they secured the Points Championship for this year.
This team is sponsored by White Pine Marine, Dixie Custom Reels and Baits, Nitro, Mercury, Lowrance, Subline and Tote Rite.

Fourth place went to the brother team of Tom and Tim Leonard.  This team ran their Mercury powered Nitro down the lake to fish drop off to catch their fish.  They returned with a nice bag of bass weighing 16.29 pounds.

It must be noted that Rod Garrett and Paul Rogers had an awesome day fishing also.  They had two fish over 8 pounds and one of those was over 9 pounds with a total 5 fish limit over 25 pounds.  What an awesome day, but as they started their return to the weigh-in they had mechanical issues and there was no other contestant in the area to get them back for the weigh-in.  But the Lord did bless them with an awesome day of catching.  Not many fishermen can say they caught two fish over eight pounds in one day.
East Tennessee Fishers of Men would like to thank it local sponsors that make everything possible this year Bill Freeman and Randy White with Ameriprise Financial, White Pine Marine, Dixie Custom Tackle, Mack’s Auto Glass Express and Custom Body Shop 865-566-4320, Tennessee Overhead Door and B&M Tires.
Fishers of Men would like to thank all our fine sponsors; BassCat Boats, Mercury, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Shakespeare, Strike King Lure Company, Power-Pole, TH Marine, Jim Hudson Toyota, Sportsman's Warehouse, Duckett Fishing, BassBoat Technologies, Buckeye Lures, Gator Guards, Kistler Rods, Amphibia Eyewear, Jacobs Glass.



Stren Chickamauga - 06/08/19



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 24721 Brent Butler
Seth Davis
5 9.31 29.48 0 29.48 200

2 21523 George Headdon
Rick Ellis
5 5.23 17.8 0 17.8 199

3 1121 Michael Smith
Brian Jordan
5 0 16.56 0 16.56 198

4 15003 Tim Leonard
Tom Leonard
5 4.41 16.29 0 16.29 197

5 15074 Benjamin Boggs
Bobby Boggs
5 0 14.63 0 14.63 196

6 22616 Eugene Randolph
George Galyon Jr.
5 0 14.43 0 14.43 195

7 24722 Tom Helton
Cole Sands
5 0 13.69 0 13.69 194

8 23858 Jason White
David Burgess
4 4.39 13.03 0 13.03 193

9 18712 Chris Sexton
Mason Sexton
5 0 12.18 0 12.18 192

10 24723 Robert Wormsley
5 0 11.58 0 11.58 141

11 3869 Greg Cope
Donnie Wormsley
5 0 10.7 0 10.7 190

12 23841 Ronny Jones
Bailey Fain
5 5.01 10.57 0 10.57 189

13 23852 Bobby Cardwell
Michael Cantrell
5 0 10.2 0 10.2 188

14 23853 Cory Stuart
Trey Utter
4 0 7.61 0 7.61 187

15 21829 Calvin Murphy
Steve Terry
2 0 4.57 0 4.57 186

16 23896 Robert Satterfield
Rebecca Satterfield
2 0 3.95 0 3.95 185

17 1117 Paul Rogers
Rod Garrett
0 0 0 0 0 184

18 22557 William Freeman
Michael Melton
0 0 0 0 0 184

19 8490 Randall White
Randall White II
0 0 0 0 0 184

Bulter and Davis with 1st place and lunker

Garrett and Rogers' bag of fish

2nd place Ellis and Headden