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The North Carolina East Division of the Fishers of Men Team Series held their fourth scheduled tournament of 2019 this past Saturday, June 15, 2019 on the Upper Chowan River at Tunis. Sixteen boats launched from the Tunis Wildlife ramp in search of the winning catch. The teams launched with a beautiful sunrise to greet them as they ran to their favorite spot. The weather was cool with temperatures in the 50’s. Praise God for blessing us with beautiful day!!

Our Friday night meeting was hosted by the Warwick Baptist Church in Hobbsville. The meal was catered by Nixon Catering that included Fried Chicken, new potatoes in a red sauce, green beans, hush puppies and plenty of delicious deserts prepared by the Jackie Berry Circle Women’s Group. Pastor Kip Vinson delivered a great message that spoke about puzzles and sometimes how a piece of the puzzle is missing. The Pastor also spoke about how it relates to fishing and not having the right baits to catch fish. As with us and Jesus, sometimes in our lives he is the missing piece and that is why things don’t come together for. Jesus is sometimes the missing piece of the puzzle in our lives.

With the weather relatively calm and our teams were able to run to their favorite places on the Chowan River in search of the winning catch however the bite was a little tougher than last month. 16 teams brought 59 Bass to the scales that weighed 142.99 pounds.  The average team weight was 8.94 pounds and the average fish weight was 2.42 pounds. When the weigh-in concluded, Tom Foster and Dave Gardner brought in an impressive five fish limit that weighed 17.48 lbs. for first place, which included a nice 6.55 pound kicker fish. They received  $836.00 dollars for their days work including first place for the tournament; first place bonus bucks $187.50. Coming in second place was Kirk Wall and Charlie Reed, with another nice bag of fish that weighed 14.77 pounds. They received $456.00 dollars for second place, $112.50 for second place bonus bucks. Third place honors went to the team of Tommy Banks and Bubba Banks with a five bass limit that weighed 13.91 pounds. They took home $228.00 dollars for third place and $75.00 dollars for third place bonus bucks. The big fish for the tournament was brought in by the team of Tom Foster and Dave Gardner. They received $80.00 dollars for weighing a 6.55 pound fish. Congratulations to all our winners and a special thanks to all our members who participated in this event.

We would like to thank Pastor Kip Vinson and the Warwick Baptist Church for hosting the meeting and Nixon Catering for preparing the meal. We also thank the Jackie Berry Circle Women’s Group for preparing the desserts. We also would like to thank John Kellett and his father for their hospitality allowing us to conduct the weigh-in at their bait and tackle store property at Tunis.

 Fishers of Men would also like to thank our local sponsors and ministry partners; Jerry Murray from Swampdonkey Tackle for providing baits for our drawing, First Church of the Nazarene, Camden United Methodist Church, Bassakwards, and PGF Archery and outdoors who supports our ministry as well. We also want to thank our National Sponsors ; Basscat, Mercury, Abu Garcia, Berkley Shakespeare, Spiderwire, Strike King, Power-Pole, Amphibia, TH Marine, Gator Guards, Buckeye Lures, Frogg toggs, BassBoat Technologies, Duckett Fishing, Kistler rods, Hydrowave and Jacobs Glass  for their outstanding support to make this ministry a continued success.

Stren Upper Chowan River Tournament - 06/15/19



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 9293 Tom Foster
David Gardner
5 6.55 17.48 0 17.48 200

2 8708 Kirk Wall
Charles Reed
5 0 14.77 0 14.77 199

3 18850 Tommy Banks
Bubba Banks
5 0 13.91 0 13.91 198

4 24052 Tim Fallon
Richard Griswold Jr
5 0 13.89 0 13.89 197

5 22914 Michael Evans
Justin Chamblee
5 3.8 12.69 0 12.69 196

6 21443 Don Porter
Todd Winslow
5 0 11.26 0 11.26 195

7 17573 Gary DeBrito
Derek Goodman
5 0 11.08 0 11.08 194

8 22917 William Chappell
Larry Weatherly
5 0 10.83 0 10.83 193

9 14712 Chris Turner
Quinton Chappell
5 0 10.66 0 10.66 192

10 22791 Brandon Johnson
Wilson Johnson
4 0 7.06 0 7.06 191

11 24053 David Parker
Darren Saunders
3 0 7.03 0 7.03 190

12 24060 Al Biagioni
Cindy Biagioni
2 0 4.79 0 4.79 189

13 24064 Jason Smith
Sam Spruill
3 0 4.41 0 4.41 188

14 21427 Tommy Houlroyd
Brandon Overton
2 0 3.13 0 3.13 187

15 18831 David Watkins
William Heighter
0 0 0 0 0 186

16 22843 William Jordan, III
Eugene Foushee
0 0 0 0 0 186

Tom Foster and Dave Gardner show the winning catch of 17.46 pounds that includes the Big Fish for the tournament that weighed 6.55 pounds

Kirk Wall watches as the second place weight of 14.77 pounds goes on the scale. Kirk and Charlie Reed take second place honors.

Tommy Banks and Bubba Banks hold their third place check after weighing in 13.91 pounds