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Well, we had our very first one day event. I really want to thank all the anglers that were patient with us during this trial run of a one day event. Thanks to Leesville Lake Marina for hosting us and providing good service to feed us after the tournament weigh in.

Our day started early and all the teams were in the water by 6 am and blasted off by 6:15 am, we fished until 1pm. Our weigh in was fun and the oung folks had a blast bringing the fish to the scales. Ultimatley at the end of the day Don Wheeler, Logan Gunter and Kaleb Wheeler brought in the winning weight for the day of 10.47lbs, 2nd place went to the team of Wayne King and is son Matthew King with a weight of 9.13lbs, Matthew has fished the FOM for 9 years and in those 9 years only missed 1 legacy tournament, I want to commend him on such an amazing record, and thank his parents for supporting him. 3rd place went to the team of David and Conner Martin with a weight of 8.61lbs, his dad said if Conner hadnt caught al the fish they wouldnt have had a fish to bring to the scales, congrats to Conner for steping up and showing up for his team. Just our of the money was Kameron Hall and Tanner Carter with a weight of 7.78lbs and they took home the two Rio Rods.

Big fish honors went to the team of Randy Hicks and Autumn Hicks with a 3.60lb large mouth.


God bless you all and I hope you all the best at the national championship this year, Lake Keeowee is an awesome lake and will fish very similar to Smith Mountain Lake.

Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting the Fishers of men national tournament trail and also our Virginia West Division:

WW Novelty, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Pure Fishing, Strike King, Power pole, Solar Bat, Bass Cat Bass Boats, Mercury Marine, Kistler Rods, Buckeye Lures, Keelshield, Jacobs Glass Company, Hydrowave, Rejuvinate, Pflueger, New Tech Global, Nester Hoisery, Kings Homes, T.H. Marine, Duckett Rods, Rayjus Apparel, Lowrance Electronics, Marshals Marine, McCraw Insurance, Rio Rods.


Legacy Tournment Leesville Lake - 06/01/19



Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 24671 Don Wheeler
Kaleb Wheeler
5 2.55 10.47 0 10.47 200

2 10420
Matthew King
5 2.99 9.63 0.5 9.13 199

3 19308 David Martin
Conner Martin
5 2.67 8.61 0 8.61 198

4 24355 Kameron Hall
Tanner Carter
5 0 7.78 0 7.78 197

5 24380 Russell Nixon
5 0 7.64 0 7.64 196

6 24381 Randy Hicks
Autumn Hicks
3 3.6 6.69 0 6.69 195

7 17533 Mike Smith
Evan Smith
4 0 6.17 0 6.17 194

8 19307 Thomas Thompson
Savion Thompson
4 2.56 6.24 0.25 5.99 193

9 17536
4 0 5.7 0 5.7 192