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Hudson Lake 5/23 Details


Each team will receive the 50 bonus points as if we held a meeting.  Entry fees must be postmarked by the 18th. if mailing them, or paid via PayPal at bwater731@gmail.com by the 20th. There will be no late fees charged.  No entries will be accepted at the ramp!  If you want to enter the optional bonus bucks pot or the "Junk Fish" pot, I would prefer you also send that amount in also.  $25.00 for bonus bucks and/or $10.00 for junk fish.  Reminder: the junk fish pot already has $80.00 in it since one wasn't caught at Grand (it carries over if none are caught).  You can pay for them on Saturday morning but that will cause a little delay while I calculate the payouts and write, or rewrite, checks.       

At this point, the plan is to take off from the Snowdale Park ramp at 6:00 AM and weigh in at the same location at 3:00 PM.  If that ramp isn't workable, we will switch to the Lions Club ramp, but we may have to change our times if there's something else going on there. 

We will hold a brief devotional before take off so please try to get your boat in the water about 15 minutes early.  I will assign boat numbers based on when entries are received or paid on PayPal, and let you know your number that morning.  

If you have questions call, text, or email me.  































Stren Hudson Lake - 05/23/20


Place Team Members # Fish Big Fish Gross Penalty Net Wt Points
1 24875 Chuck Smith
Donald Stricklin
5 4.75 14.62 0 14.62 200

2 25524 Gilmark Labitad
Yao Xiong
5 2.72 12.27 0 12.27 199

3 25529 Robby Guinn
Mike Shambaugh
5 0 10.75 0 10.75 198

4 25527 Randy Hamilton
Ronnie Ware
3 3.34 8.83 0 8.83 197

5 25525 Dan Gray
Joe Montalbano
3 4.1 7.61 0 7.61 196

6 23260 Chuck Bridgewater
Hayden Holleman
0 0 0 0 0 195

7 25528 terry potter
Michael Vandyke
0 0 0 0 0 195